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La lista contiene nombres bíblicos, nombres griegos, nombres latinos, nombres hebreos, nombres italianos y mucho más, las listas están organizadas de la A a Z con nombres para niños y niñas.

Nombres para Niños 

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Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Aaron, Aaran, Aaren,
Aarin, Aaronn, Aarron,
Aron, Arran, Arron Hebrew Light Bringer Radiating God's Light

Abbot, Abbott Aramaic Spiritual Leader Walks In Truth

Abdiel, Abdeel, Abdeil Hebrew Servant of God Worshiper

Abdul, Abdoul Middle Eastern Servant Humble

Abel, Abell Hebrew Breath Life of God

Abi, Abbey, Abbi, Abby Anglo-Saxon God's Will Secure in God

Abia, Abiah Hebrew God Is My Father Child of God

Abiel, Abielle Hebrew Child of God Heir of the Kingdom

Abigail, Abbigayle,
Abbigail, Abbygayle,
Abigael, Abigale Hebrew My Farther Rejoices Cherished of God

Abijah, Abija, Abiya,
Abiyah Hebrew Will of God Eternal

Abner, Ab, Avner Hebrew Enlightener Believer of Truth

Abraham, Abe, Abrahim,
Abram Hebrew Father of Nations Founder

Abriel, Abrielle French Innocent Tenderhearted

Ace, Acey, Acie Latin Unity One With the Father

Acton, Akton Old English Oak-Tree Settlement Agreeable

Ada, Adah, Adalee, Aida Hebrew Ornament One Who Adorns
Adael, Adayel Hebrew God Is Witness Vindicated

Adalia, Adala, Adalin,
Adelyn Hebrew Honor Courageous

Adam, Addam, Adem Hebrew Formed of Earth In God's Image

Adara, Adair, Adaira Hebrew Exalted Worthy of Praise

Adaya, Adaiah Hebrew God's Jewel Valuable

Addi, Addy Hebrew My Witness Chosen

Addison, Adison,
Adisson Old English Son of Adam In God's Image

Adleaide, Addey, Addie Old German Joyful Spirit of Joy

Adeline, Adalina, Adella,
Adelle, Adelynn Old German Noble Under God's Guidance

Adia, Adiah African Gift Gift of Glory

Adiel, Addiel, Addielle Hebrew Ornament of God Lovely

Adina, Adena, Adeena Hebrew Adorned Clothed With Praise

Adlai, Adley Hebrew Justice of God Truthful

Adlar, Addler, Adler Old German Eagle Youthful

Adonijah, Adonia,
Adoniah, Adonija,
Adoniya, Adoniyah Hebrew Gods Is My Lord Reverent

Adora, Adoree Latin Beloved Gift of God

Adria, Adriah Latin Love of Life Filled With Life

Adrian, Adreian,
Adreyan, Adriaan,
Adrien, Adrion, Adryan,
Adryon Greek Rich Prosperous

Adrianna, Adriana Italian Dark Guarded of God

Adriel, Adrial Hebrew Member of Gods Flock Nurtured of God

Adrienne, Adriane,
Adriann, Adianne,
Adrien, Adriene Greek Confident Faith in God

Aeneas, Eneas Greek Praised Honored

Afonya, Afonja Russian Immortal Eternal

Afton, Affton, Aftan,
Aftyn Old English From Afton, England Righteous

Agatha, Agata, Aggie Greek Benevolent Kind

Agrippa Latin Pain of Childbirth Promise

Agnes, Agness,
Agnessa, Agniya Greek Pure Innocent

Ahab, Ahabb Hebrew My Father's Brother Learned

Aharah, Aharra, Aharhel,
Aharia, Aharya Hebrew Brother of Rachel Loyal

Ahmad, Ahamad,
Ahmaad, Amaud Middle Eastern Most Highly Praised Servant

Ahmed, Ahamed, Amed Swahili Praiseworthy Sincere

Ahsan, Ahsahn, Ahsan Middle Eastern Charitable Generous

Aiah, Aija, Aijah, Aiya,
Aiyah, Aja, Ajah Hebrew Bird of Prey Strength of God

Aileen, Ailean, Ailene,
Ailina English Light Bearer Messenger of Truth

Ainsley, Ainslee, Anslea,
Anslee, Ansleigh, Ansley,
Aynslee, Aynsley Scottish My Own Meadow Bringer of the Word of Truth

Aiesha, Aesha, Aisha,
Aishah, Ayishah, Ayshea Middle Eastern Woman Companion

Ajani, Ayani Yoruba Victorious in the Struggle Overcomer

Ajay, Aja, Ajai Indo-Pakistani Immovable Stable

Akil, Ahkeel, Akeel,
Akhil, Akiel Middle Eastern Intelligent Wise

Akim, Ackeem, Akeam,
Akeem Russian God Will Establish Obedient

Aksel, Acksel Norwegian Father of Peace Pleasant

Aladdin, Alaaddin Middle Eastern Pinnacle of Faith Righteous

Alan, Al, Alen, Allan,
Allen, Allin, Allon, Allyn Irish Harmonious At One With Creation

Alanna, Alaina, Alainna,
Alainnah, Alana, Alanis,
Alannah, Alayna, Allana,
Allanh, Allanis, Allayna Gaelic Cheerful Effective Witness

Alastair, Alistar, Alister,
Allastair, Allaster, Allastir,
Allyster Scottish Defender Courage

Alben, Albain, Alban,
Albany, Albein Latin Of the City on a White Hill Secure in God's Love

Albert, Al, Alberto, Elbert Old English Noble Brilliant

Alda Old German Prosperous Under God's Direction

Alden, Aldin, Aldin,
Aldis, Aldous, Aldwin Anglo-Saxon Wise Protector Guided of God

Aldrich, Aldric, Aldrick,
Aldridge Old English Wise Counselor Strong of Mind

Alea, Aleah, Aleea,
Aleeah, Alia, Allia Middle Eastern Exalted Servant

Alejandro, Alejandra,
Alesandra, Alesandro,
Alessandra, Alessandro Spanish/ Italian Defender of Mankind Sincere

Aletha, Alathea Aleta,
Aletha, Alethea, Alithea Greek Truthful Wise

Alexander, Alax, Alec,
Aleck, Aleksandar,
Alecksander, Alexandar,
Alexandros, Alexius,
Alexxander, Allax, Allex Greek Defender of Mankind Brave Protector

Alexa, Aleksa, Aleksia,
Alex, Alexia, Allex, Allix,
Alyx, Allyx Hungarian Defender of Mankind Benefactor

Alexandra, Aleksandra,
Alexandria, Lexandra Greek Defender of Mankind Generous

Alexis, Aleksei, Aleksey,
Aleksi, Alexes, Alexis,
Alexus, Alexys English Defender of Mankind Intercessor

Alfonso, Alfonzo,
Alphanso, Alphonzo Italian Noble Mighty Protector

Alfred, Alf, Alfredo Old English Benevolent Ruler Obedient

Ali, Allie Swahili Exalted Greatest

Aliah, Aliah, Alia, Aliya,
Aliyah Hebrew Exalted Humble

Alianna, Aliana Scottish Bearer of Light Ambassador of Truth

Alice, Alis, Allis, Alysse Greek One of Integrity Truthful

Alicia, Alica, Alicea,
Alicya, Aliecia, Alycia,
Elicia, Ellicia Hispanic Truthful Child of Truth

Alika, Alikah Nigerian Most Beautiful Beauty of God

Alim, Aleem Middle Eastern Scholar Wise

Aline, Alene Old German Noble Righteous

Alisa, Alissa, Allissa,
Allysa, Alysa, Allyssa, English Noble Bold

Alisha, Aleasha,
Aleesha, Aleisha, Alesha,
Aliesha, English Highborn Victorious

Allie, Alley, Alli Anglo-Saxon Brilliant Illuminated

Allison, Alicen, Alicyn,
Alison, Alisson, Alisyn,
Allyson Old German Truthful Holy

Allard, Alard Old English Brave Dedicated

Allegra, Alegrea,
Allegrea, Allegria Latin Cheerful Eager to Live

Allan, Alan Irish Harmonious At One With Creation

Alma, Almah Latin Loving Patient

Almira, Allmira, Almeera,
Almeira Middle Eastern Princess Fulfillment of Truth

Alonzo, Alanzo,
Almanzo, Alonso Old German Ready for Battle Prepared

Aloysius Old German Noble Great

Alpha Phoenician Ox Restful

Alphaeus Greek Traveler Nourished

Alphonso, Alfonso,
Alfonso, Alfonzo,
Alphanso, Alphonzo Italian Noble Mighty Protector

Althea, Altheya, Alithia Greek Healer Wholesome

Alton, (see Elton)

Alva, (see also Elva) Latin Brightness Alive

Alvin, Al, Alvan, Alven,
Alvyn (see also Elvin) German Friend of All Sincere

Alvis, (see also Elvis) Scandinavian All-Knowing Conqueror

Alyssa, (see Alisa)

Amada, Amadea,
Amadia Spanish Beloved Cherished

Amadeus, Amandeaus,
Amado, Amador,
Amadeo Latin Lover of God Obedient

Amadika, Amadikah Rhodesian Beloved Close to God

Amal, Amaal Hebrew Sorrowful Productive

Amanda, Amandah,
Amandalyn, Amandi,
(see also Mandie) Latin Worthy of Love Virtuous

Amar, Amarr Punjabi Immortal Unending

Amara, Amarah Greek Wished- for Child Precious Gift

Amarantha, Amaranda,
Amiranda, Amirante,
Amirantha Greek Immortal Everlasting

Amariah, Amaria,
Amariya, Amariyah,
Amarya, Amaryah Hebrew Covenant of God Preserved

Amaris, Amarissa Hebrew Promise of God Promise fulfilled

Amasiah, Amaziah Hebrew My God Has Strength Reverent

Amaya, Amayah Japanese Night Rain Gentle

Amber, Ambur, (see also
Ember) Latin Like a Jewel Cherished

Ambrose, Ambrose,
Ambrus Greek Divine Immortal

Amelia, Amaley, Amalia,
Amalie, Amaliya,
Amallia, Amelee, Amelie,
(see also Emelia, Emily) Latin Industrious Independent

Amery, Aimery, Ameri,
Ammerie, Ammery,
Amory (see Emery) German Divine Shows the way

Ames, Aimes French Friend Faithful

Amica, Amicah Italian Beloved Friend Valuable

Amin, Ameen Hebrew Trustworthy Obedient

Amina, Aminah, Aminda,
Amindah Middle Eastern Peaceful Secure in Christ

Amir, Ameir Hebrew Proclaimed Known of God

Amira, Ameira Hebrew Speech Unhidden

Amiran, Ameiran,
Ameiren Hebrew My Nation Is Joyful Chosen of God

Amittai, Ahmitay,
Amitay, Amitei Hebrew Friend Friend of God

Amity, Amitee, Amitie French Bound by Friendship Faithful Friend

Ammiel, Amiel Hebrew God of My People My Nation Is God's

Ammon, Amon, Amonn Hebrew Of My Nation Chosen

Amos Hebrew Bearer of Burden Compassionate

Amy, Aimee, Aimey,
Aimie, Aimmie, Aimy,
Amie, Ammy Latin Beloved Serene Spirit

Amyas, Amias Latin Beloved Tenderhearted

Anaiah, Anaiya, Aniah,
Anijah, Aniya, Aniyah Hebrew God Has Answered Me Restored

Anani Hebrew Covered With God Guarded

Ananias, Ananiah Hebrew God Is Gracious Witness

Anastassia, Anastasha,
Anastashia, Anastassia,
Anastassya (see also
Tasia) Greek Resurrection Awakening

Andra Greek Courageous Enduring

Andrea, Andee, Andi,
Andraia, Andraya,
Andreath, Andreea,
Andreia, Andreya, Andria Greek Womanly Filled With Grace

Andrew, Anders,
Anderson, Andrae,
Andras, Andre, Andreas,
Andrei, Andres, Andy,
Aundre (see also Drew) Greek Courageous Enduring

Anemone, Anemonee,
Anemonie Greek Breath Life of God

Aneska, Aneshka Czech Pure Likeness of Christ

Angela, Angee, Angel,
Angelea, Angelee,
Angeleigh, Angelica,
Angie, Angelena,
Angeliana, Angelina,
Angeline, Angelique,
Angi, Angelika, Anjelina Greek Angel/Messenger Bringer of Glad Tidings

Angelo, Angelos Italian Angel/Messenger Bringer of Glad Tidings

Angus Scottish Unique Strength Creative Spirit

Ani, Anii (see also Ann) Hawaiian Beautiful Lovely in Spirit

Ania, Aniah (see also
Anya) Polish Compassion Merciful

Anika, Aneka, Anekah,
Anica, Anicka, Anikka,
Annika Czech Favor Grace of God

Ann, Anne, Annette,
Anni, Annie, Anny (see
also Ani) English Graceful Understanding

Anna, Ana, Anah, Anka German Gracious Full of Grace

Annabell, Annabelle Latin Graceful Beloved

Annelisa, Annalisa,
Annalise, Annelise English Oath of God Gracious Promise

Annemaire, Annamaria,
Anna-Maria, Annamarie,
Anne-Marie, Annmaria,
Annmarie American Bitter Grace Faithfulness of God

Anson, Ansun Old German Divine Partaker in Glory

Ansel, Ancell, Ansell Middle English Noble Follower of Truth

Anthony, Anfernee,
Anthoney, Anthonie,
Antoine, Antony, (see
also Antonio, Tony) Latin Praiseworthy Prosperous

Anton, Antonn Slavic One of Value Eloquent

Antonia, Antoinette,
Antonette, Antonia (see
also Tania, Toni)

Antonio, Antonius Italian Priceless Righteous

Anya, Annya (see also
Ania) Russian Favor of God Peace

Appollos, Apollo Greek Youthful God of Music Joyful

April, Aprill, Apryl Latin New in Faith Awakened

Aquilla, Aquila Latin Eagle Strong

Aram, Aramia Syrian Exalted Humble

Aran, Aranne, Aronne,
(see also Aaron, Aren) Hebrew Firm Gifted

Archer, Arch, Archie Latin Bowman Steadfast

Ardel, Ardell Latin Industrious Creative

Ardelle, Ardella Latin Eager Spirit of Praise

Ardith, Ardath, Ardeth,
Ardyth Hebrew Faithful Dependent Upon God

Ardon, Ardan, Arden,
Ardyn Hebrew Descendant Promise

Arleli, Airlee, Arileigh,
Ariley Hebrew Heroic Miraculous

Aren, Arenn (see also
Aaron, Aran) Danish Eagle Perseverance

Aretas, Areetas, Aritas Greek Pleasing Wise

Aretha, Areatha, Areetha American Virtuous Pure

Ariadne, Ari, Ariane,
Ariann, Arianne, Arien,
Arienne Greek Holy Presented to God

Ariana, Aeriana, Arianna,
Arieana, Aryanna (see
also Irina) Italian Holy Pure in Heart

Aric, Aaric, Arick, Arik,
Arric, Arrick, Arrik (see
also Eric) Old English Holy Ruler Just

Ariel, Aerial, Aeriell,
Arial, Ariale, Arielle,
Ariyel, Arrial, Arriel (see
also Uriel) Hebrew Lion or Lioness of God Royal Servant

Arin, Arinn, Aryn (see
also Erin) Hebrew Enlightened Filled With Light

Arina Russian Peace Encourager

Arioch, Arioc, Arriok Hebrew Lionlike Dependent Upon God

Arion, Arian, Ariane,
Arien, Arrian (see also
Ariadne) Greek Charming Captivating

Aristotle, Ari, Arias, Arie,
Aris, Arri Greek Greatest Achievement Intelligent

Arlen, Arlan, Arland,
Arlend, Arlin, Arlyn,
Arlynn Irish Pledge Truthful

Arlene, Arlana, Arleen,
Arleyne, Arline, Arlis,
Arlyss Old English Pledge Truthful

Arley, Areigh, Arlie, Arly Old English Hunter Pledge

Armand, Armando,
Armond Old German Army Man Strong

Armon, Arman, Armen,
Armin Hebrew Fortress Guarded

Armoni, Armani,
Armonni Hebrew From the Palace Blessed

Arnold, Arne, Arney,
Arni, Arnie Old German Strong as an Eagle Brave

Arrio, Ario Hispanic Warlike Protector

Arsenio, Asenius,
Arsinio Greek Masculine One of Integrity

Arslan, Aslan Turkish Lion Symbol of Christ

Arthur, Art, Arte,
Arthuer, Arthor, Artie,
Artis, Arturo, Artur Irish Bold Gracious

Asa, Asah Hebrew Healer Healer of the Mind

Asad, Asaad, Asad,
Assad (see also Hasad) Middle Eastern Lion Strength of God

Asaph Hebrew Remover of Reproach Gentle

Asarel, Ahsarel, Azarael,
Azareel (see also Asriel,
Azarel, Azriel) Hebrew Upright Exalted

Asenath, Asennath Egyptian Belonging to the Goddess Honored

Asha, Ashia Middle Eastern Vitality Humble Strength

Ashby, Ashbey, English From the Ash-Tree Farm Fear of God

Asher, Ashor, Ashur Hebrew Blessed Fortunate

Ashford, Ash English From the Ash-Tree Ford Victorious

Ashley, Ashelee,
Asheleigh, Asheley,
Ashlea, Ashleay, Ashlee,
Ashleigh, Ashly Old English Of the Ash- Tree Meadow Harmony

Ashlynn, Ashlan,
Ashlen, Ashlin, Ashling,
Ashlyn, Ashlyne,
Ashlynne Irish Dream Vision of God

Ashton, Ashtin English From the Ash-Tree Farm Supplicant

Asia, Aisia, Asya, Aysia English Eastern Sunrise God is Sovereign

Asriel, Ashrael, Ashreel,
Ashrayel, Ashriel, Asrael,
Asreel, Asreyel (see also
Asarel, Azarel, Azriel) Hebrew God is Joined Unity

Asther, Aster (see also
Esther) English Flower Righteous

Atarah, Atara, Atarra Hebrew Crown Faithful

Athalia, Atalya, Athalya Hebrew Afflicted Honor

Athena, Athina Greek Wise Mind of God

Atherton Middle Eastern Of the Town by the Spring Abundant Life

Atley, Atley, Atlea, Atlee,
Atleigh, Attley English From the Meadow Purchased

Atwell, Attwell English From the Well Refreshing

Aubrey, Aubray,
Aubreigh, Aubrie Old German Noble Compassionate

Auburn, Auburne English Reddish-Brown Released

Audie, Audi Old English Property Guardian Strong of Heart

Audrey, Audra, Audray,
Audree, Audri,
Audrianna, Audrie, Audry Old English Noble Strength Overcomer of Many Difficulties

Audric, Audrich (see
also Aldrich) French Wise Ruler Chosen

Augustus, August,
Augustine Latin Venerable, Exalted

Augusta, Agusta,
Augustina Latin Majestic Queenly

Aurel, Aurele, Aurelio Czech From Aurek Reverent

Aurelia, Auralia, Auralia,
Aurelea, Aureliana,
Aurielle, Aurilla Latin Golden Sealed

Aurora, Aurore Latin Dawn Mouthpiece of God

Austin, Austan, Austen,
Austyn Latin Renowned Guided of God

Ava, Avae, Ave (see also
Eva) English Filled With Life Filled With Praise

Avery, Averey, Averie Middle Eastern Ruler Wise Counselor

Aviel, Avi, Avian, Avion
(see also Abiel) Hebrew God Is My Father Child of God

Avis, Avia, Aviana Latin Refuge Place of Freedom

Axel, Axell, Axil, Axill
(see also Aksel) Scandinavian My Father is Peace Victory

Aya, Ayah (see also
Aiah) Hebrew Bird Committed

Ayanna, Aiyana,
Ayanna, Ayania,
Ayannah Cherokee Everlasting Bloom Blessed

Ayasha, Ayashah Middle Eastern Life Eternal

Azarel, Ahzarel, Azarael,
Azareel (see also Asarel,
Asriel, Azriel) Hebrew God Helped Delivered

Azariah, Azariyah Hebrew The Lord Will Keep Us Preserved

Azeem, Aseem Middle Eastern Defender God's Warrior

Azriel, Azrayel, Azriela,
Azrielle, (see also Asarel,
Asriel, Azarel) Hebrew God is My Help Prayerful

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