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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Wade, Wayde Old English One Who Advances Generous Spirit
Wagner, Waggner Old German Wagon Maker Trusting Spirit
Wakanda, Wakandra Dakota Power Faithful
Walden, Waldon Old English From the Forest Valley Calm Spirit
Waldo, Wald German Strong Thankful
Walker, Wallker English Cloth Cleaner Diligent
Wallace, Wallach,
Wallis, Wally, Walsh,
Welsh English From Wales Man of Peace
Walter, Walt Old German Powerful Ruler Strong Protector
Walton, Walt English From the Fortified Town Freedom of Spirit
Wanda, Wahnda,
Wannda (see also
Vanda, Wendy) Old German Wanderer Seeker of Truth
Ward, Warde Old English Guardian Watchful Spirit
Wardell, Wardel Old English From the Watchman's Hill Protector
Warner, (see also
Werner) Old French Defender Courageous Spirit
Warren, Warrin German Protecting Friend Righteous
Warwick, Warick,
Warrick Old English From the Near Dam Led by the Spirit
Washington English From the Town Near the Water Witness
Wava, Waiva Slavic Foreigner Child of God
Wayman, Waymon Middle English Traveler Shielded
Wayne, Waiyne English Wagon Maker Industrious
Webster, Web Old English Weaver Example
Welby, Wellby Old English From the Near Well Trusting Spirit
Weldon, Welden Old English From Hill Near the Well Preserved
Wellington, Wellingtun Old English Prosperous Conquering Spirit
Wendell, Wendal,
Wendall, Wendel Old German Wanderer Messenger of Truth
Wendy, Wenda,
Wendee, Wendey,
Wendi, Wendie (see also
Wanda) Welsh Wanderer Redeemed
Werner (see also
Warner) Old German Protector Peaceful
Wesley, Wes, Weslee,
Westlee, Westley English From the Western Meadow Steadfast
Wheatley, Wheatleigh English From the Wheat Field Witness
Whitley, Whitlee,
Whitleigh English From the White Field Joyful
Whitney, Whitnee,
Whitnée, Whitneigh,
Whitnie, Whittany,
Whittney, Witney,
Wittney Old English From the White Island Protected
Wilbur, Wilber Old German Resolute Obedient
Wilder, Willder Old English From the Wilderness Sower
Wilhelm, Willhelm Old German Determined Guardian Wise
Willard, Wilard Old English Resolute and Brave Champion
William, Bill, Billy, Wil,
Wiley, Will, Wiley, Willie,
Willy, Wilson Old German Resolute Protector Noble Spirit
Willis, Willus English Son of the Guardian Cautious
Willow, Wilow English Willow Tree Great Hope
Wilona, Wilow English Desired Seeker of Truth
Winifred, Winn, Winnie,
Winny, Wyn, Wynnie German Peaceful Friend Cheerful Heart
Winona, Wenonah,
Wenonah, Winonah,
Wynnona, Wynona Sioux First-Born Daughter Peaceful
Winston, Winsten,
Wynston Old English From the Friendly Town Trusting
Winthrop, Wynthrop Old English From the Friend's Home Benevolent
Wolfgang, Wolfgong Old German Quarrel of the Wolves Faithful
Woodrow, Woody,
Woodson Old English From the Woods Excellent Worth
Woodward, Woodard Old English Forest Warden Guardian
Worrell, Worrek Old English From the Honest Home Faith
Worth, Worthington Old English Farmstead Steadfast
Wyatt, Wyat, Wyatte Old French Little Warrior Immoveable
Wyman, Wymon Old English Warrior Determined
Wynn, Wyn, Wynette,
Wynne Welsh Fair Righteous

Wynonna, see Winona
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