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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Ulani, Ulana, Ulanna,
Ulanni Hebrew Cheerful Filled With Joy
Ulric, Ulrik Old German Ruler of All Regenerated
Ulrica, Ulrika Old German Ruler Strong in Virtue
Ulysses, Ulisses Latin One Who Detests Seeker of Truth
Uma, Ooma, Umah Indo-Pakistani Mother Blessed
Umi, Umee Yao Life Energetic
Una, Oona Hopi Strong Memory Humble
Unique Latin One Incomparable
Unity Latin Togetherness Harmonious
Upton, Uptonn Old English From the Hill Town Honorable
Urban, Urbain Latin From the City Peaceful
Urbana, Urbanna Latin From the City Majestic
Uri, Uree, Urii (see also
Yuri) Hebrew My Light Righteous
Uriah, Urias, Uriyah Hebrew God Is Light Excellent Virtue
Uriel, Uriela, Urieli,
Urielia, Urielle (see also
Ariel) Hebrew Flame of God Transformed
Urika, Uraeka, Uriqua Omatha Universally Useful Student of the Word
Ursula, Ursa Latin Little Bear Courageous

Uziel, Uzziah, Uzziel Hebrew God Is My Strength God's Servant
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