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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Qabil, Qabial, Qabiel,
Qabiele, Qabielle Middle Eastern Able Strength of God
Qadim, Qadeem, Qadím
(see also Kadim) Middle Eastern Ancient Eternal
Qadir, Qaudeer Middle Eastern Powerful Witness
Qadira, Qadeera Middle Eastern Powerful Power of God
Qamar, Quamar Middle Eastern Moon Glorious Joy
Qitarah, Qitara Middle Eastern Fragrance Pleasing
Quanah, Quan, Quanh
(see also Khan) Comanche Fragrance Beloved
Quaneisha, Quanesha,
Quanisha, Quanishia,
Quenisha, Quenisia (see
also Keneshia) American Beautiful Righteous
Qubilah, Quabilah Middle Eastern Conciliatory Peacemaker
Queisha, Queshia,
Quisha (see also Keisha) American Beautiful Unblemished
Quenby, Quenbie Swedish Feminine Holy
Quenell, Quenell,
Quennel Old French From by the Oak Tree Steadfast
Quentin, Quenton,
Qwentin Middle English From the Queen's Town Forgiven
Querida, Queridah Spanish Beloved Loving
Quiana, Quianna (see
also Keianna, Kiana,
Kiona) American Gracious Blessed
Quillan, Quillen, Quillon Gaelic Little Cub Beloved
Quimby, Quinby Scandinavian From the Queen's Estate Vigilant Spirit
Quincy, Quincey, Quinci,
Quincie Old French From the Fifth Son's Estate Freedom in Christ
Quinn, Quin Gaelic Intelligent Godly Insight
Quintana, Quinta,
Quintanna, Quintara,
Quintarah, Quintina English Fifth Compassionate
Quintessa, Quintesa English Efficiency Steward
Quintin, Quint, Quinten,
Quinton, Quintus,
Qwinton Latin Fifth Brave

Quon, Quonn Chinese Bright Righteous
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