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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Pablo, Paublo Spanish Small Bell Great Faith
Paige, Page, Payge French Young Assistant Blessed Helper
Palani, Pallani Hawaiian Free Unchained
Palasha, Pasha, Pelasha Russian From the Sea Protected
Palmer, Palmar Old English Peaceful Pilgrim Bringer of Peace
Paloma, Palloma Spanish Dove Symbol
Pamela, Pam, Pamala,
Pamella, Pammela Greek Honey Righteous
Pancho, Poncho Spanish Frenchman God's Witness
Pandora, Pandorra,
Panndora Greek Skilled Gifted
Panya, Pania Russian Crowned Wise
Pari, Pári, Parri Persian Eagle Renewed
Paris, Parras, Parris Greek Attractive Godly
Park, Parke Chinese Cyprus Tree Blessed
Parker, Parkker Middle English Guardian of the Park Spiritual Light
Parnell, Parnel, Pernell French Little Peter Faithfulness
Parrish, Parish English From the Church District Devout
Parry, Parrey, Perry Welsh Son of the Leader Humble
Pascal, Paschale,
Pascual, Pascuale French Easter Child Resurrected
Patience, Paishence English Endurance, Fortunate Firmness of Spirit
Patricia, Pat, Patreice,
Patrice, Patriece,
Patrisha, Patsey, Patsi,
Patsy, Patti, Pattrice,
Patty Latin Noble Victorious
Patrick, Pat, Patric,
Patrique, Patrik, Patryck,
Patryk Welsh Nobleman Obedient
Patton, Patten Old English From the Warrior's Town Immovable
Paul, Pasha, Pauley,
Pauli, Paulis, Paolo,
Paulo, Paulus, Pavel Latin Small Dynamo of Energy and Faith
Paula, Paula, Paolina,
Paulette, Paulina,
Pauline, Paulla Latin Small Loving
Paxton, Paxon, Paxten Old English From the Peaceful Town Prepared
Payne, Paine Latin From the Country Sacred
Payton, see Peyton
Pearl, Pearle Latin Priceless Jewel Health and Long Life
Pearson, Pierson English Son of the Rock Joyful Praise
Pedro, Pédro Spanish Rock Steadfast in Christ
Peggy, Peg, Pegg, Peggi English Pearl Promise
Pele, Pelé, Peleh Hebrew Miracle Strong Faith
Peli, Pelí Basque Happy Filled With Joy
Penelope, Pennelope,
Penney, Penni, Pennie,
Penny Greek Industrious Weaver Creative Spirit
Percival, Percivall,
Percie, Percy, Purcell Old French Pierce the Veil Miracle
Perkin, Perkins, Perkyn,
Perkyns English Little Rock Joyful
Perry, see Parry
Pervis, Purvis Latin Passage Messenger
Peter, Peder, Petar,
Pete, Péter, Petr, Petey,
Petra, Petros, Pietro Greek Rock Powerful Faith
Petra, Petrina, Pietra Greek Small Rock Strong and Everlasting
Peyton, Paiton, Payden,
Payton Middle English From the Leader's Town Christlike
Phebe, Phoebe Greek Bright Cherished
Phelan, Phaelan Irish Little Wolf Exalted
Phelps, Phellps Middle English Son of Phillip Loving Spirit
Philana, Philina Greek Lover of the Humankind Gracious
Philantha, Phillantha Greek Lovers of Flowers Seeker of Truth
Philemon, Philémon Greek Kiss Affectionate
Phillip, Felipe, Felípe,
Filip, Fillip, Phil, Philip,
Philipp, Philippe, Phill,
Phillipp Greek Lover of Horses Transformed
Phineas, Phinehas Hebrew Face of Compassion Merciful
Phoebe, see Phebe
Phylicia, see Felecia
Phyllis, Philyss, Phylis,
Phyllis, Phylliss Greek Green Branch Youthful Trust
Pia, Piya Italian Devoted Focused
Pierce, Pearce, Peerce,
Peirce English Stone Strong in Spirit
Pilar, Pillar Latin Pillar Strong in Faith
Piper English Pipe Player Joyous Spirit
Pippi, Pippen, Pippie,
Pippin English Lover of Horses Eternal
Piran, Pieran Irish Prayer Supplicant
Pitney, Pittnee, Pittney English Strong-Willed Act of God
Placido, Placydo Spanish Tranquil Serene
Plato, Plaeto, Platón Greek Broad-Shouldered Wise
Polly, Pollee, Polli,
Pollyana, Pollyanna English Gentle Loving Spirit
Ponce, Poncé Spanish Fifth Increase
Poppy, Poppey, Poppi,
Poppie Latin Poppy Flower Nourished
Porter, Port Latin Gatekeeper Watchful Spirit
Portia, Porsché,
Porschia, Porsha Latin Offering Gift of God
Powell, Powel English Prepared Purified
Prentice, Prentis,
Prentise Middle English Learner Seeker of Truth
Prescott, Prescot Old English From the Priest's Dwelling Blessed
Presley, Presleigh Old English From the Priest's Meadow Peaceful Spirit
Preston, Prestan Old English From the Priest's Home Consecrated to God
Price, Pryce Welsh Son of the Ardent One Eager
Priel, Poriel, Priela,
Priella Hebrew Fruit of God Righteous
Priscilla, Prescilla,
Pricilla, Priscila, Prisilla,
Prissilla, Prysilla Latin Primitive, Ancient Eternal Value
Prudence, Prudy Latin Discretion Awareness of God

Pryor, Prior Latin Head of the Monastery Respected
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