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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Oakley, Oaklee,
Oakleigh Old English From the Oak Trees Immovable
Obadiah, Obediah Hebrew Servant of God Discerning
Oceana, Ocean Greek Sea Praise
Octavia, Octivia Latin Eighth Abiding in God
Octavius, Octavian,
Octavio, Octavien,
Octavious Latin Eighth Abiding in God
Odella, Odeleya Hebrew I Will Praise God Thankful Spirit
Odell, Odie Middle English From the Wooded Hill Hopeful
Odessa, Odyssa Greek Long Voyage Preserved
Odysseua, Odesseus Greek Wrathful Righteous
Ogden, Ogdan Old English From the Oak Valley One of Dignity
Okalani, Okilani Hawaiian Heavenly Eternal
Olaf, Ole, Olay, Olie,
Olle Old Norse Ancestor Protector
Olajuwon, Olajuwan Nigerian Honor of God Reverent
Oleg, Olleg Latvian Holy Unending Praise
Olesia, Olesha, Olésya, Polish Defender Protector of Truth
Olga, Olya Scandinavian Holy Wise
Oliver, Olley, Ollie,
Olliver Old Norse Kind and Affectionate Bringer of Peace
Olivia, Olive, Olivea,
Olyvia (see also Livia) Latin Peace Walks With God
Olujimi, Oluyimi Nigerian Given by God Righteous
Olya, Ollya Russian Holy High Praise
Olympia, Olympa Greek Heavenly Beloved
Oma, Omah Hebrew Eloquent Voice of God
Omar, Omarr Hebrew Eloquent Successful
Ona Lithuanian Grace of God Viewed With Favor
Oni, Onii Nigerian Born on Holy Ground Sacred
Oona, see Una
Opal, Opall Sanskrit Jewel Treasure
Ophelia, Ophilia Greek Helper Consecrated
Oprah, see Orpah
Ora, Orah Latin Prayerful Precious
Oran, Orane (see also
Orin) Irish Green Fruitful
Oren, Oreen (see also
Orin) Hebrew Ash Tree Blessed
Orestes, Orastes Greek From the Mountain Peaceful
Orianan, Orastes Greek Dawning Sun Enlightened for Sacrifice
Orin, Orinn, Orrie, Orrin
(see also Oran, Oren) Greek Mountain God-Revealed Insight
Orion, Orien Greek Son of Fire Zealous
Orlando, Orlanda,
Orlondo Italian Famous Throughout the Land Renowned
Orli, Ori, Orlie Hebrew My Light Fearless
Orpah, Ophra, Opra,
Oprah Hebrew Runaway Chaste
Orrick, Orric, Orrik English Aged Oak Tree Great Joy
Orson, Orsen Latin Little Bear Loyal, Steadfast
Orville, Orv, Orval French From the Golden Town Benevolent
Osanna, Osana (see
also Hosanna) Hebrew Save Us Remnant
Osborn, Osborne English Divine Warrior Victorious in Truth
Oscar, Oskar Old English Divine Spearman Appointed of God
Osmond, Osmund Old English Divine Protector God's Warrior
Oswald, Osvaldo,
Oswaldo English God's Power Honored
Othello, Othella Spanish Wealthy Obedient
Otis, Ottis Greek Keen of Hearing Open to Divine Inspiration
Otto, Oto German Prosperous Esteemed
Ouray, Orray Cherokee Arrow Guardian of Truth
Owen, Owens Greek Distinguished Pleasant to Look Upon
Oxford, Oxforde Old English m the Place Where the Oxen Cross the Restful
Oya, Oiya Miwok Called Forth Witness
Oz, Ozz, Ozzey, Ozzi,
Ozzie Hebrew Courage Overcomer

Ozara, Ozarra Hebrew Treasurer Divine Perspective
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