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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Habaiah, Habiyah (see
also Abia) Hebrew Gods Has Hidden Preserved
Hadad, Haddad Hebrew Mighty Strength of God
Hadassah, Hadasa,
Hadassa Hebrew Star Precious
Hadden, Haddan,
Haddon (see also
Hayden) English From the Hill of Heather Great Confidence
Hadlai, Haddlai (see also
Adlai) Hebrew Frail Child of God
Hadley, Hadlee,
Hadleigh Anglo-Saxon From the Field of Heather Peaceful Spirit
Hadrian, Hadrien Swedish Dark Just
Hagan, Haggan German Strong Defense Immovable
Hagar, Haggar Hebrew Fugitive Assurance
Hagen, Haggen Irish Youthful Life Accountable
Hai, Haian Vietnamese Sea Filled With Praise
Haidar, Haidor Middle Eastern Lion Warrior of God
Haidee, Haiday, Haydee
(see also) English Modest Humble
Hakim, Hakeem (see
also Akim, Joachim) Ethiopian Doctor Healer
Hal, see Harold
Hale, Haile Hawaiian Military Power Act of God
Halen, Haylan Swedish Hall Gracious
Haley, Halley, Halli, Hally Nigerian Unexpected Gift Blessing
Halona, Halonah Native American Fortunate Blessed
Halsey, Halsee,
Halseigh, Halzee English From the Ruler's Island Righteous
Hamal, Hamaal Middle Eastern Lamb Hopeful
Haman, Hayman Hebrew Well Disposed Blessed
Hamilton, Hamelton Old English From the Fortified Castle Faithful
Hamlet, Hamlett Old Norse From the Village Compassionate
Hamlin, Hamelin,
Hamlyn Old German Loves His Home Godly Example
Hammond, Hamond English From the Village Witness
Hamuel, Hammuel Hebrew Warmth of God Loving
Hana, Hanita Japanese Flower Joyful
Hanan, Hannan,
Hannen, Hannon Hebrew Merciful Compassionate
Hanani, Hannani,
Hananni Hebrew God Has Shown Mercy Promised
Hananiah, Hananiyah Hebrew God Is Gracious Blessed
Hania, Hanja, Hanya Hebrew Resting Place Peaceful
Haniel, Hanniel Hebrew Grace of God Restored
Hanley, Hanlee,
Hanleigh, Henlee,
Henleigh, Henley,
Hensley English From the High Pasture Protector, Shepard
Hannah, Hanna Hebrew Gracious Compassionate
Hannibal, Hanibal Phoenician Grace Merciful
Hans, Hansel, Hansen,
Hanz Swedish God Is Gracious Discerning Spirit
Haran, Harran Hebrew Enlightened Sanctified
Harbin, Harbyn German Little Warrior Obedient
Hardin, Hardan English From the Hares' Valley Righteous
Hardy, English Bold Confident
Harel, Hariel, Harrel Hebrew Mountain of God Holy
Harlan, Harland, Harlon Old English From the Land Resolute
Harley, Harlee, Harleigh Old English From the Rabbit Pasture Chosen of God
Harmony, Harmoni,
Harmonie Latin Oneness Unifier
Harold, Hal, Herald,
Herold Old English Army Leader Born of God
Harper, Harpo English Harp Player Instrument of Praise
Harriet, Harriett, Hattie Old German Ruler of the Household Discerner of Excellence
Harris, Harrison Old English Son of the Strong Man Courageous
Harry, Harray, Harrey Old German Home Ruler Integrity
Hartley, Hartlee,
Hartleigh Anglo-Saxon From the Deer Meadow Victorious
Harvey, Harv (see also
Herve) Celtic Noble Brave
Hasad, Hasad, Hasaad
(see also Asad) Turkish Harvester Evangelist
Hasana, Haseina Swahili Firstborn Follower of Christ
Hasani, Hasaan, Hsan,
Hashaan (see also
Ahsan, Ihsan) Swahili Handsome Chosen
Hasrah, Hazrah Hebrew Splendor Praise
Hatipha, Hateefa, Hatifa,
Hateepha Hebrew Captive Obedient
Haven, Havan, Havin Dutch Harbor Preserved
Hayden, Haden, Haydn,
Haydon (see also
Hadden) English From the Hedged Valley Victorious
Hayes, Hays English From the Hedged Valley Moderate
Hayley, see Haley
Hayward, Heyward English dian/Protector of the Hedged A Secure
Haywood, Heywood English From the Hedged Forest Chosen
Hazel, Hazyl English Commander of Authority Cleansed
Haziel, Hazael Hebrew God Sees Witness
Heath, Heathe English Shrub Protector
Heather, Heatherlee Middle English Flowering, Blooming Cover of Beauty
Hebron Hebrew Company Inheritance
Hector, Hectar Greek Steadfast One of Integrity
Heidi, Heide, Heidee,
Hidee, Hiedi (see also
Haidee) Old German Honored Blessed
Heinrich, Heinrick,
Heinrik German Household Ruler Just
Helen, Hellen Greek Light Righteous
Helena, Haleena,
Halena, Helana,
Heleana, Heleena (see
also Halina) English Brightness Testimony
Henley, see Hanley
Henrietta, Henrieta English Household Ruler Strong
Henry, Hank, Henri,
Henri Old German Ruler of the Household Trusted
Herbert, Herb, Herbie Old German Shining Soldier Powerful Protector
Hercules Greek Glorious Gift Enduring
Herman, Hermann,
Hermon Old German Noble Soldier Righteous
Herick, Herrik German War Ruler Chosen
Hershel, Herschel,
Hershell Hebrew Deer Promise
Herve, Hervay (see also
Harvey) French Warrior Steadfast
Hester, Hestar (see also
Esther) English Star Gift of God
Hezekiah Hebrew God Has Strengthened Hopeful
Hezrai, Hezrael Hebrew Beautiful Testimony
Hilda, Hilde Old German Battle Maid Courageous
Hillary, Hilaree, Hilari,
Hilary, Hillaree, Hillarie,
Hilleree, Hillory English Cheerful Blessed
Hillel, Hillal Hebrew Greatly Praised Humble
Hilton, Hillton English From the Hill Town Obedient
Hirah, Hierah Hebrew Noble Holy
Hiram, Hi, Hirom Hebrew Most Noble Righteous
Hiroko, Hirokoh Japanese Self-Sacrificing Glorified
Hiroshi, Hirashi Japanese Generous Cheerful
Hisa, Hisae, Hisayo Japanese Long-Lasting Wise
Hodiah, Hodiyah Hebrew Splendor of God Majestic
Hogan, Hogen Gaelic Youthful Generous
Holbrook, Holbrooke Old English From the Brook Peaceful
Holden, Holdin English From the Valley Hollow Fearless
Hollis, Hollyss Old English From the Holly Trees Righteous
Holly, Hollee, Holley,
Holli, Hollie Old English Holly Tree Peaceful
Hollyann, Hollianna,
Hollyanne English Gracious Kind
Homer Greek Covenant Doer of God's Word
Honoria, Honor, Honora,
Honore Latin Honorable Gift Thankful
Hope, Hopie Old English Trust in the Future Understanding Heart
Hophni, Hophnee,
Hophney Hebrew Strong Arm of God
Horace, Horacio,
Horatio, Horatius Latin Keeper of Time Efficient
Horton, Horten Old English From the Garden Estate Faithful Steward
Hosanna, Hosana (see
also Osanna) Hebrew God Has Heard Praise the Lord
Hosea, Hoshea Hebrew Deliverance Strength
Hoshama, Hoshamma Hebrew God Has Heard Godly
Howard, Howie English Chief Guardian Discerning
Howe, Howey German Eminent Protected
Howell, Howel Welsh Remarkable Reconciled
Hoyt, Hoyte Irish Spirited Zealous
Hubert, Hubbard, Hubie Old German Clear Minded Obedient
Hugh, Huey, Hughes,
Hugo Old German Thoughtful Wise
Humphrey, Humfrey Old German Protector Peaceful Strength
Hunter, Huntar Old English Hunter Pursuer of Truth
Hur, Hurr Hebrew Noble Purified
Hurley, Hurlee, Hurleigh Gaelic Lover of the Sea Blessed
Huxley, Huxlee Old English From the Wise Man's Meadow Tranquil Spirit

Hyatt, Hyett English From the High Gate Righteous
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