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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Gabor Hungarian God Is My Strength Grounded in Faith
Gabriel, Gab, Gabe,
Gabriell, Gabrielli,
Gabriello, Gibbbee,
Gibbie Hebrew Devoted to God Brave
Gabrielle, Gabbey,
Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabrial,
Gabriala, Gabralla,
Gabriana, Gabrianna,
Gabriela, Gabriele,
Gabriella Hebrew Devoted to God Confident
Gaetan, Gaetano Italian From Southern Italy Redeemed
Gage, Gaege French Promise Vision
Gail, Gael, Gaila, Gale,
Gayle Old English My Father Rejoices Lively
Gaius, Caius Latin One Who Rejoices Bold
Gala, Galla Old Norse Singer Filled With Praise
Galatia Greek Pure Courageous
Galen, Gaelen, Gaylen Greek Healer Established in Truth
Galena, Galeena Greek Calm Amiable
Galiana, Galianna,
Galiena, Galienna Old German Supreme Respectful
Galina, Gailina Russian Shining Glorified
Gallio, Galio Hebrew He That Sucks Mighty
Galvin, Galvan, Galven Gaelic Glowing Blessed
Galya, Galia, Gallia Russian Illuminated Untainted
Gamaliel, Gameliel Hebrew God Is My Reward Blessed
Gamarya, Gamara,
Gamaria, Gamariya Hebrew Act of God Pledged
Gannon, Gannan,
Gannen Irish White Devout
Ganya, Gania, Ganyah Hebrew Garden of God Refreshed
Gareth, Garith, Garreth Welsh Gentle Peaceful
Garner, Garnier French Guard One of Integrity
Garnet, Garnette Latin Precious Stone Invaluable
Garnett, Garnatt Anglo-Saxon Protection Obedient
Garrett, Garett, Garret,
Gerrett (Jarrett) Irish Warrior Free
Garrick, Garick, Garreck,
Garrik (see also Carrick) English Ruler Champion
Garrin, Garran, Garren,
Garron Old English Spearman Preserved
Garrison, Garris Old French Fortress Guided of God
Garth, Gar Old Norse From the Garden Wise
Garvey, Garrvey Irish Rugged Place Increasing Faithfulness
Garvin, Garvan, Garvyn English Friend in Battle Peaceful
Gary, Garry German Mighty Regenerated
Gaston, Gascon, Gaston French From Gascony Protected
Gavin, Gavan, Gaven,
Gavyn Welsh White Hawk Content
Gaylord, Gayler, Gaylor Old French Lively Gifted
Geary, Gearey English Changeable Courageous
Gemini, Gemelle,
Gemina, Gemmina Greek Twin Righteous
Gena, see Gina
Gene, see Eugene
Geneen, see Jeanine
Geneva, Jeneva French Juniper Tree Wise
Genevieve, Genavieve,
Jenavieve French Fair Inner Beauty
Genna, see Jenna
Gennifer, see Jennifer
Geoffrey, Geffery,
Geffrey, Geoff, Geoffrey,
Giotto, Gottfried (see
aslo Godfrey, Jeffrey) Old German Perfectly Tranquil Restful
George, Georges,
Georgio, Georgious Greek Land Worker Walks With God
Georgia, Georgeann,
Georgeanna, Georgene,
Georgette, Georgia Greek Farmer Promise of God
Gerald, Geraldo,
Gerrald, Gerrold, Gerry,
Jerald, Jeraldo, Jeri,
Jerrald, Jerri, Jerrold,
Jerry Old German Mighty Loyal
Geraldine, Geraldina,
Geralyn, Geri, Gerianna,
Gerry, Jeraldine Old German Powerful Victorious
Gerard, Gerardo,
Gerrard, Gerry, Girard Old German Strong, Powerful Trusting Heart
Germain, Germaine,
Germana, Germane,
Germaya, Germayne
(see also Jermaine) French From Germany Bringer of Unity
Gershom, Gershon Hebrew Stranger Visitor
Gianna, Gianna,
Gianella, Giannella,
Gianni, Jiana, Jianna,
Jianella Italian God Is Gracious Sanctified
Gibbar, Hebrew Mighty Man Empowered
Gibson, Gilson English Son of the Honest Man Fruitful
Gideon, Gegeon, Gideon Hebrew Tree Cutter Victorious
Gigi, G.G, Geegee French Trustworthy True Friend
Gilana, Gilanna Hebrew Hill of the Monument Testimony
Gilbert, Gibb, Gibbs, Gil,
Guilbert Old German Bright Pledge Devoted
Gilda, Gilde Anglo-Saxon Covered With Gold Blessed
Gilead, Giliad Hebrew Mass of Testimony Witness
Gilen, Gilan Basque Notable Promise Protected
Giles, Gilles, Gyles French Shield Strength
Gillian, see Jillian
Gilmore, Gilmour Irish Devout Dependent
Gilsey, Gilsea, Gilsee English Flower Flourishing
Gina, Geena, Gena,
Ginah, Ginia (see also
Jean) Italian Queen Full of Love
Ginger, Gingata English Pure Respectful
Ginny, Gini, Ginni,
Jinnee, Jinney, Jinni,
Jinnie, Jinny (see also
Jina) English Unblemished Spotless
Gino, Geno Greek Of Noteworthy Birth Delivered
Giovanna, Giavanna
(see also Jovanna) Italian God Is Gracious Blessed
Giovanni, Geovani,
Geovanni, Gian, Giani,
Gianni, Giavani,
Giovanno (see also
Jovan) Italian God Is Gracious Servant
Giuseppe, Giusepe Italian God Will Increase Joyful
Gizelle, Gissele, Giselle,
Jizella, Jiselle, Jizelle Old German Pledge Approved
Gladys, Gladis Irish Princess Spiritual Understanding
Glendon, Glenden Scottish From the Valley Fortress Excellent Worth
Glenna, Glenda Irish From The Valley Blooming
Gloria, Gloriela,
Gloriella, Glorielle, Glory,
Glorya Latin Glory Glorious
Glyn, Glynn Scottish From the Ravine Protected
Godfrey, Godfry (see
alsoGeoffrey) Irish Man of God's Peace Divine Perspective
Gomer Hebrew Completion Preserved
Gordon, Gordan,
Gordie, Gordy Anglo-Saxon From the Round Hill Shining
Gorman, Gormon Gaelic Blue-eyed Walks With God
Gowon, Gowan Tiv Born During a Strom Rainmaker
Grace, Gracey, Graci,
Gracia, Graciana, Gracie Latin Patient Full of Grace
Grady, Gradey Gaelic Noble Strong
Graham, Graeham,
Graeme English From a Grand Home Generous
Granger, Grainger,
Grange French Farmer God's Follower
Grant, Grantham,
Grantley French Tall Assurance
Grantland, Grantlund Old English From the Great Plains Righteous
Granville, Grenville French From the Large Village Righteous
Grayson, Greyson Middle Eastern Son of the Bailiff One of Knowledge
Greer, Grier English Watchful Vigilant
Gregory, Greg, Gregg,
Greggory, Gregori, Greig,
Grigori Greek Guardian God's Trustee
Gresham, Grisham English From the Village by the Pasture Peaceful
Greta, Gretal, Grethal,
Gretta English Pearl Eternal Hope
Gretchen, Gretchin German Pearl Invaluable
Griffith, Griffey Welsh Great Strength Blessed of God
Grover, Grove German Gardener Consecrated
Guadalupe, Guadulupe Spanish From the Valley of Wolves Wondrous
Guillaume, Guillermo French Strong Guardian Shielded
Guinevere, Guenevere Welsh Unstained Ransomed
Gunnar, Gunner,
Gunthar, Gunther Old Norse Warrior-King Obedient
Gurion, Guri, Guriel Hebrew Young Lion Righteous
Gustave, Gus, Guss,
Gustaf, Gustav,
Gustavus Scandinavian God's Staff Blessed
Guthrie, Gutherie,
Guthrey German War Hero Great
Guy, Guido, Gui French Director Peaceful
Gwendolyn, Gwen,
Gwendalyn, Gwendolin,

Gwendolynn, Gwenn Welsh Fair Full of Honor
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