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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Dacey, Dacee, Daci,
Dacie, Dacy, Daicee,
Daycee, Daycie Gaelic Southerner Friend of Christ
Dacia, Dacia Latin Southerner Divine Perspective
Dacian, Dacien Latin Southerner Divine Perspective
Dagan, Dagon Hebrew Grain Wise
Dagana, Dagania,
Daganna Hebrew Grain Chosen
Dagmar Old German Glorious Day Redeemed
Dahlia, Dahliana,
Dahlianna (see also
Daliah) Scandinavian From the Valley Cleansed
Daisy, Daisee Old German Vision of the Day Cleansed
Dajuan, Dawan, Dawon,
Dejuan, Dewaun, Dijuan,
D'Juan, Dujuan American God Is Gracious Promise
Dakota, Dakotah Sioux Friend Sincere
Dale, Dayle Old English From Valley Peaceful
Daliah, Dalia, Daliyah
(see also Dahlia) Hebrew Branch Destined
Dallan, Daelan, Daelen,
Daelin, Dalian, Daylan,
Daylen, Daylin English From the Dale Secure
Dallas, Dallis, Dallys Scottish Gentle Efficient
Dalton, Dalten Old English From the Valley Town Filled With Peace
Daly, Dalten Irish Assembly Bringer of Light
Damara, Damarrah Czech Glory of the Day Promised Result
Damaris, Damarius,
Damarys, Demaras,
Demaris, Demarius Greek Gentle Forgiven
Damian, Daemien,
Daimyan, Dameion,
Dameon, Damian,
Damien, Damion,
Daymian Russian Soother One Who Restores
Damiana, Damianna Greek Soother Healer
Damica, Damika,
Damikah, Demeeka,
Demica, Demicah French Friendly Seeker of Truth
Damita, Dametia,
Dametra Spanish Noble Lady Gracious Spirit
Damon, Daemon,
Daman, Damen,
Damonn, Daymon Greek Loyal Walks With God
Dana, Daina, Danah,
Dayna, Daynah Scandinavian Bright as Day Obedient
Danae, Danay, Dannae
(see also Denae) English God Is My Judge Just
Dane, Daine, Dayne,
Dhane Old English Trickling Stream Blessed
Danelle, Danel, Danele,
Danell, Dannell (see also
Danielle) French God Is My Judge Discerning
Danette, Danett American God Is My Judge Perceptive
Dania, Danee, Dani,
Daniah, Danie, Danni,
Danya Hebrew God Is My Judge Intuitive
Danica, Daneeka,
Danika, Dannika Slavic Morning Star Attentive
Daniel, Dan, Daniyel,
Danny, Donyel, Donyell Hebrew God Is My Judge Discerning
Danielle, Danialle,
Daniela, Daniele, Daniell,
Daniella, Dannielle,
Danyel, Danyele,
Danyelle (see also
Danelle) French God Is My Judge Perceptive
Dannon, Danaan,
Danen, Danon American God Is My Judge Preserved
Dante, Dauntay,
Dauntaye, Daunte (see
also Deon, Dontae) Latin Enduring Loving
Danya, Danyah, Donya
(see also Dawn, Donna) Russian God Is My Judge Vindicated
Daphne, Daphaney,
Daphanie, Daphany,
Daphnee, Daphney Greek Laurel Tree Victorious
Dara, Darah, Darra,
Darrah Hebrew Compassionate Bearer of Mercy
Darby, Darbey, Darbi,
Darbie Irish Freedom Free Spirit
Darcy, Darcee, Darcey,
Darcie, Darcy, Darsey,
Darsie French Fortress Established in Strength
Daria, Darria, Darya Greek Wealthy Gracious
Darielle, Dariel, Darriel,
Darrielle French Little Darling Cherished
Darius, Darian, Dariann,
Darias, Darien, Darion Persian Prosperous Preserved
Darlene, Darla, Darleen,
Darling French Darling Loving
Darnelle, Darnall,
Darnall, Darnell Irish Magnificent Loving
Daron, Darron, Daryn,
Darynn, Darynne,
Derrion, Diron (see also
Darren, Darius, Deron) English Rocky Hill Obedient
Darrell, Darelle, Daril,
Darral, Darrel, Darril,
Darryl, Darryll, Daryl,
Derrell, Derrel, Derril French Beloved Blessed
Darwin, Darwyn Old English Beloved Treasured
Darren, Daran, Daren,
Darin, Darran, Darrian,
Darrien, Darrin, Deren,
Derran, Derrin (see also
Daron, Darius, Deron) Irish Great Esteemed
Dasan, Dassan Pomo Leader Chosen
Dasha, Dashah, Dasya Russian Divine Display Miracle
Dashawna, Deshandra,
Deshawnda, Deshawna,
Deshonda, Deshonna American God Is Gracious Pardoned
Dashon American God Is Gracious Receiver of Blessings
Dathan, Dathon,
Daythan, Daython Hebrew Belonging to the Law Redeemed
Datia, Datiah, Datiya,
Datya Hebrew Faith in God Strength
David, Dave, Daved,
Daveed, Davey, Davy,
Dayvid Hebrew Beloved Lover of All
Davin, Daevin, Daevon,
Daevon, Davohn, Davon,
Davonn, Davontay,
Davonte, Dayvin (see
also Devin) Scandinavian Brilliant Heavenly Light
Davina, Davina, Dava,
Daveena, Davi, Daviana,
Davine, Davinia, Davira,
Devona, Devonda,
Devonna, Devina Scottish Beloved Enlightened
Davis, Davidson, Davies,
Davison English Honorable Loving
Dawn, Dawnan, Dawna,
Dawne, Dawnn, Dawnna,
Dawnya (see also Danya,
Donna) Old English Beginning Anew Joy and Praise
Dawson, Dawsen English Son of the Beloved Victorious
Daya, Daeya, Daia Hebrew Bird Secure
Dayana, Dayahna Middle Eastern Divine Warrior
Deacon, Deke, Diakonos Greek One Who Serves Honored
Dean, Deane, Dene Old English Valley Prosperous
Deandra, Deandrea,
Deandria, Deanndra,
Diandre American Courageous Heir
Deandre, D'Andre,
Dandrae, Dandray,
Dandre, De Andre,
Deaundre, Deondre French Courageous Submissive
Deanna, Deana, Deann,
Deanne, Deeann,
Deeanna Latin Divine Brightness of the Dawn
Deborah, Deb, Debb,
Debbi, Debbie, Debbora,
Debborah, Debby, Debi,
Debora, Debora,
Deborrah, Debra Hebrew Honey Bee New Era of Leadership
Dee, Dede, Deedee Welsh Dark Loving
Deena, see Dena
Deirdre, Dedra, Deedra,
Deidra, Deidre, Dierdra,
Dierdre Irish Wanderer eeker of Righteousness and Trut
Deitra, Deetra, Detria Greek Abundant Refreshed
Deja, Daija, Daja French Before Compassionate
Dejuan, see Dejuan
Delaiah, Dalaiah Hebrew God Is the Deliverer Redeemed
Delana, Dalanna,
Dalayna, Dalena, Dalina,
Daaina, Dalina German Noble Protector Example
Delano, Dellano French Nut Tree Anchored
Delany, Dalaney,
Delainey, Delanny,
Delaynie, Dellaney Irish Of the Champion Victorious
Delia, Dehlia, Deleah,
Dellia, Delya Greek Visible Divine Reflection
Delicia, Deleesha,
Delisha, Delysia Latin Delightful Joyous Spirit
Della, Dellie Old German Noble Maiden Excellent Virtue
Delmar, Dalmar Latin By the Sea Filled With Praise
Delores, Deloria, Deloris,
Dolores Spanish Sorrowful Compassionate
Delsie, Delcee, Delsee English Oath of God Promise
Delta Greek Door Seeker of Truth
Demario Italian Son of a Warrior Seed of a Righteous Soldier
Demas, Deemas,
Deimas Greek Ruler of People Powerful
Demetra,Demitra Greek Plentiful Fruitful
Demetreaus, Demetrias,
Demetric, Demetrik,
Demitrik, Demitrias
Dimitrios, Dimitrius,
Dmetrius (see also
Dimitri) Greek Lover of the Earth Fruitful Increase
Dempsey, Dempsie Irish Proud Honorable
Dena, Deena Native American From the Valley Peaceful
Denae, Denay, Denee
(see also Denae) Hebrew Vindicated Example
Denham, Denhem English From the Valley Village One of Integrity
Denise, Danice, Deni,
Denice, Deniece,
Dennise French Favored Reborn
Dennis, Dennes, Denny Greek Happy Effective
Denton, Dentin English From a Happy Home Trusting Spirit
Denzel, Danzel, Danzell,
Dennzel, Denzell, Denzil English From Cornwall, England Forgiven
Deon, Deion, Deone,
Deontee, Deontre, Dion,
Diontae, Dionte (see also
Dante, Dontae) English Joyful Praise
Derek, Darek, Darik,
Darrick, Darrik, Dereck,
Derikk, Derreck, Derrek,
Derric, Derrick, Derrik German Ruler Gifted
Derika, Dereka, Derica,
Dericka, Derrica, Derrika German Ruler of the People Gifted
Deron, De-Ron,
Deronne, Derronn, Diron,
Durron (see also Darius,
Daron, Darren) Welsh Freedom Spirit-Filled
Deshawna, see
Deshay, Deshae,
Deshea American Courteous Kind
Desi, Dezi French Longed-For Faithful
Desiree, Desarae,
Desaray, Desare,
Deserae, Desirae,
Desiray, Desiree,
Dezirae, Deziree French Desired Likeness of God
Desmond, Des,
Desmon, Desmund,
Dezmond Irish Youthful Refreshing
Destin, Deston, Destry French Fate Confirmed
Destiny, Destanee,
Destanie, Destany,
Destinee, Destiney,
Destinie Old French Fate Fulfilled
Deva, see Diva
Devany, Devaney,
Devoney, Devony Gaelic Dark-Haired Sacrifice
Devin, Devan, Deven,
Devine, Devyn Irish Poet Seeker of Wisdom
Devon, Devonlee,
Devonleigh, Devonn,
Devonne (see also
Davon) English From Devonshire Obedient
Dewey, Dewie Welsh Prized Prosperous
Dexter, Dextor Latin Skilled in Workmanship Industrious
Diamond, Diamonique,
Diamonte Latin Precious Gem Carefully Guarded
Diana, Daiana, Daianna,
Di, Diahann, Dianah,
Diandra, Diane, Diann,
Dianna, Dianne, Dyan,
Dyana, Dyane, Dyann,
Dyanna, Dyanne Latin Divine Glorious
Dibri Hebrew God's Promise Reverent
Dick, Dic, Dickenson,
Dickie, Dik, Dikk (see
also Richard) English Powerful Ruler Refuge
Diego, Diaz Spanish Supplanter Wise
Dieter, Deiter German Army of the People God's Warrior
Dietrich, Dedric,
Dedrick, Detrick, Didrik,
Diedrick German Ruler of the People Respected
Dilbert, Dalbert, Del,
Delbert English Bright as Day Obedient
Dillon, Dillan, Dillen,
Dillin (see also Dylan) Irish Faithful Steadfast in Christ
Dimitri, Demitre,
Demetri, Dimitrie, Dmitri,
Dymitri (see also
Demetrius) Russian Immeasurable Gracious
Dinah, Dina, Dyna,
Dynah Hebrew God Has Vindicated Righteous
Dino, Deeno German Little Sword Covenant
Dion, see Deon
Dionne, Deondra,
Deonna, Deonne, Dione,
Dionnal, Dionte, Diontee Greek Divine Queen Promise
Dior, Diora, Diore, Diorra French Golden Seeker of Wisdom
Dirk, Derk German Ruler Perceptive Leadership
Diva, Deva Indo-Pakistani Blessed Praise
Divina, Divinia English Beloved Humble
Dixie, Dixee, Dixi, Dixy French Tenth Blessing
Dixon, Dickson English Son of the Ruler Youthful Courage
Dolan, Dolin, Dolyn Irish Dark-Haired Full of Life
Dolph, Dolf Slavic Famous Great
Dolly, Dollee, Dolli,
Dollie American Compassionate Christlike
Dominic, Dom,
Domenico, Domenick,
Domingo, Dominitric Latin Belonging to the Lord Faithful Disciple
Dominique, Dominica,
Dominika Latin Belonging to the Lord Consecrated
Donald, Don, Donn,
Donnie, Donny Gaelic World Leader Faithful
Donata, Donatta Latin Gift of God Contemplative
Donato, Donatello Italian Gift of God Kind
Donna, Dona, Doni,
Donia, Donica, Donie,
Donika, Donni, Donya
(see also Danya, Dawn) Italian Refined Lady Dependent
Donnell, Donell, Donelle
Donnel, Donnelle Irish Brave Vigilant
Donovan, Donavan,
Donavon, Donoven,
Donovon Irish Dark Warrior Refreshed
Dontae, Dontai, Dontay,
Dontaye, Donte, Dontee American Preserving Steadfast
Dontrell Italian Lasting Steadfast
Donyel, see Daniel
Dora, Doralia, Doralie Greek Gift of God Wise
Doran, Dorin, Doron,
Dorran, Dorren Hebrew God's Gift Sacrifice
Dorcas Greek Filled With Grace Heir
Doreen, Dorene, Dorey,
Dori, Dorie, Dorrie,
Dureen Gaelic Acrimonious Peerless
Dorian, Doriana,
Doriann, Dorianna,
Dorien, Dorion, Dorrian,
Dorrien Greek Gift Gracious
Doris, Dorice, Dorise,
Dorris Greek From the Ocean Strong
Dorothea, Dorothee,
Dorothy, Dottie, Dotti,
Dotty Greek Gift of God Blessed
Douglas, Doug,
Douglass Scottish From the Dark Stream Adventurous
Doyle, Doyal Irish Dark Stranger Guided by the Spirit
Drake, Drago Latin Dragon Symbol
Drew, Drewe, Dru, Drue Welsh Wise Esteemed
Drisana, Drisanna Sanskrit Daughter of the Sun Loyal
Drusilla, Drucilla,
Druscilla Latin Strong Strong in Spirit
Dryden, Drieden English From the Arid Valley Trusting
Duana, Duanna Irish Cheerful Song Harmonious
Duane, see Dwayne
Dudley, Dudly English From the Common Field Free in Christ
Dugan, Doohan, Duggan Scottish Dark Gifted
Dulcinea, Dulcia,
Dulciana, Dulcie Spanish Sweet Delights in God's Grace
Duncan, Duncon Scottish Steadfast Warrior Strong in Faith
Dunstan, Dunsten English From the Stony Hill Victorious
Durant, Durand,
Durante, Durrant Latin Enduring Protected
Dustin, Dustan, Dusten,
Duston, Dusty, Dustyn German Valiant Warrior Brave
Dusya, Dusyanna Russian Hope Steadfast
Dwayne, DeWayne,
Duaine, Duane, Dwane Irish Dark Transformed Heart
Dwight, Dwieght English Fair Diligent Leader
Dylan, Dyllan, Dyllon,
Dylon (see also Dillon) Welsh From the Sea Resolute Courage

Dylana, Dylanna Welsh From the Sea Devoted
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A História dos Nomes

Nos tempos antigos, cada indivíduo tinha um nome próprio que não transmitia a seus filhos: assim Saul, Davi, Salomão, Daniel, Ciro, Nabucodonosor, Ptolomeu, etc. Mas a crescente densidade de povos e a conveniência de demonstrar de alguma forma a família à qual a pessoa pertencia, o fizeram abandonar esse sistema inorgânico e individualista.

Em Roma, o nome é composto de vários elementos. 1) a designação individual prenomen da pessoa; 2) o nomen ou nomen gentilitium ou designação adequada dos gens ou família; 3) o cognomen, que começou a ser usado no final da República, era uma designação de um ramo das gens primitivas. Assim, o general romano Publius Cornelius Scipio, carregava uma denominação composta pelo prenomen ou nome individual (Publius), pelo nomen (Cornelius) que correspondia ao Gens Cornelius e pelo cognomen (Scipio) que pertencia ao ramo das excisões. dessa gens. Por seu sucesso contra os cartagineses, seus compatriotas o chamaram admiravelmente de "africano", e ele foi renomeado como Publius Cornelius Scipio "Africanus". Era um agnomen que, pelo nome de quem o usava e pelo desejo de seus descendentes de manifestar sua conexão, o procer se tornou hereditário na família do grande general romano.

   Com a queda do Império Romano, esse sistema preciso de nomes desapareceu, o que teve a vantagem de manifestar a princípio a família à qual pertenciam.

Durante a Idade Média, voltou ao sistema de nomes primitivos de uma pessoa, primeiro retirado dos usados ​​pelos alemães e depois sob a influência da Igreja, tirado dos santos. Por volta do século 8, a fim de facilitar a individualização e evitar a homonímia, o costume começou gradualmente a adicionar ao nome dado um apelido que aludia à profissão do indivíduo, ou a uma falha de sua ou de uma característica do local, como Juan Herrero, Pablo Calvo, Pedro del Río, Francisco de Asis, ou o nome do pai, assim: Domingo, filho de Martín, Diego, filho de Gonzalo. Logo a frase "filho de" foi substituída pelo final "ez", proliferando os sobrenomes Martínez, González, Rodríguez, Perez, Fernandez, etc., que se tornaram hereditários na respectiva família. Os nobres também usavam sobrenome o nome da terra pertencente ao seu senhorio: Carlos de Castilla e Aragão.

   Na forma explicada, a maioria dos sobrenomes de nosso tempo e nossa cultura se originaram, completando o nome do povo.

Em nosso site de Nomes você encontra nomes de A a Z de diversas origens e culturas, você pode escolher nomes para bebês, nomes para personagens, nomes para cães, nomes para gatos, nomes para instagram, nomes para jogos, nomes de meninas, nomes de meninos, significados de sobrenomes, lista de nomes masculinos, lista de nomes femininos, nomes diferentes, nomes famosos, nomes extrangeiros, nomes em inglês, nomes espanhóis, nomes americanos, nomes indianos, nomes de flores, nomes de plantas, significado dos nomes de pessoas, nomes gregos, nomes mitólogicos, nomes bíblicos, nomes japoneses, nomes coreanos, nomes franceses, nomes poloneses, nomes alemães, nomes celtas, nomes ingleses, nomes para filhos, nomes para recém nascidos, nomes para novelas, nomes russos, nomes italianos, nomes bonitos, nomes significados, origem dos nomes, nomes de anjos, nomes egípcios, nomes para avatar, nomes compostos, nomes com a, nomes com b, nomes com c, nomes com d, nomes com f, nomes com g, nomes com h, nomes com i, nomes com j, nomes com k, nomes com l, nomes com m, nomes com n, nomes com m, nomes com o, nomes com p, nomes com q, nomes com r, nomes com s, nomes com t, nomes com u, nomes com v, nomes com y, nomes com x, nomes com z, além de sobrenomes com a, sobrenomes com b, sobrenomes com c, sobrenomes com d, sobrenomes com f, sobrenomes com g, sobrenomes com h, sobrenomes com i, sobrenomes com j, sobrenomes com k, sobrenomes com l, sobrenomes com m, sobrenomes com n, sobrenomes com m, sobrenomes com o, sobrenomes com p, sobrenomes com q, sobrenomes com r, sobrenomes com s, sobrenomes com t, sobrenomes com u, sobrenomes com v, sobrenomes com y, sobrenomes com x, sobrenomes com z e muito mais! Confira nossa lista de nomes e encontre o nome que você procura, boa busca!

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