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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Cachet, Cache, Cachea,
Cachee French Prestigious Blessed
Cadwll, Cadel, Cadelle Welsh Battler Attentive
Cadence, Cadenze,
Kadence Latin Rhythmic Flow Symphony
Cady, Cadee, Cadey,
Cadi, Cadie, (see also
Kadee, Katy) English Pure Blameless
Caelan, Caelin, Caelin,
Cailean, Cailen, Cailin,
Caillin, Calan, Calin,
Calon, Callan, Callon,
Caylan (see also Cailin,
Kaylyn) Scottish Victorious Defended of God
Caeley, Caelee, Caelie,
Cailee, Cailey, Cailie,
Caley, Caylee, Cayley,
Caylie (see also Kaylee) American Crowned Temperate
Caesar, Ceasar, Cesar,
Cesare, Cesareo,
Cesario, Ceseare, Cezar,
Czar, Kaiser, Sezare Latin Long-Haired Friend of Many
Cailin, Caelyn, Caelynn,
Cailyn, Cailynn,
Cailynne, Caylin, Caylyn
(see also Caelan, Kaylyn) American Genuine Godly
Cain, Caine (see also
Kane) Hebrew Spear Weapon
Caitlin, Caitlan, Caitland,
Caitlen, Caitlinn, Caitlyn,
Caitlynn, Catlin (see also
Kaitlin) Irish Pure Innocent
Cala, Calah, Calla,
Callah (see also Kala) Middle Eastern Fortress Protected
Calandra, Calandria,
Calendra, Kalandra,
Kalandria Greek Lark Created of God
Caleb, Caeleb, Cale,
Kaleb Hebrew Faithful Great Spiritual Potential
Calhoun, Colhoun Scottish Strong Warrior Great in Spirit
Callahan, Calahan,
Callaghan Irish Saint Faithful
Callie, Caleigh, Cali,
Callee, Calleigh, Calli,
Cally (see also Kalei,
Kali, Kalli) Middle Eastern Fortress Guarded of God
Callista, Calesta,
Calista, Calista, Calysta,
Kalesta, Kalista, Kallista,
Kalysta Greek Most Beautiful Lovely
Callon, see Caelin
Callum, Callam, Calum Irish Dove Free
Calvert Old English Cattle Herder Lover of Creatures
Calvin, Cal Latin Bald Favored
Cambria, Camberlee,
Camberleigh, Camberly,
Cambrea, Cambrya,
Kamberly, Kambria,
Kambriea Latin From Wales Delivered
Camden, Camdan Old English From the Winding Valley Freedom
Camellia, Camala,
Camala, Camalia,
Camelia, Camella,
Kamalia, Kamelia,
Kamellia Italian Evergreen Persistent
Cameron, Cam,
Cameran, Camren,
Camron, Kam, Kameron,
Kamron Scottish From the Crooked Stream Spiritual Potential
Cami, Cammi, Cammie,
Cammy (see also Kami) French Ceremonial Attendant Helper
Camille, Camila, Camill,
Camilla, Cammille,
Chamelle, Chamille Latin Devoted Loving
Campbell, Cambell French Beautiful Field Consistent
Canaan, Caenan,
Caynon Hebrew Lowland Covenant
Candace, Candice,
Candi, Candy, Candyce,
Kandace, Kandise,
Kandy Greek Unblemished Shining
Candra, Candrea,
Candria, Kandra Latin Incandescent Reflection of Christ
Cannon, Cannan,
Cannen, Canning, Canon
(see also Kannon) French Church Official Esteemed
Canute, see Knute
Cara, Caragh, Carah,
Carra (see also Kara,
Kerani) Latin Beloved Chosen
Carey, Caray, Carrey
(see also Caryn, Kerry) Welsh Castle Dependent
Cari, Carie, Carii (see
also Carrie, Kari) Turkish Flowing Like Water Filled With Life
Carianne, Carena (see
also Corina, Kaarina,
Karena, Karina, Korina) Italian Dear Little One Precious
Carissa, Cariisa, Carsia,
Carrissa, Charisa,
Charissa, Kariisa, Karisa,
Karissa, Karrisa,
Karrissa, Karyssa, (see
also Corissa) Latin Ingenious Creative
Carita, Caritta, Karita,
Karitta Latin Loving Preserved
Carl, Carel, Carle, Carlis,
Carlis, Karal, Karel,
Karle, Karlis German Tiller of the Soil Strong in Spirit
Carla, Carlia, Karla,
Karlia Italian Endearing Ransomed
Carlana, Caraena,
Karlana Irish Little Heroine Conscientious
Carlene, Carleen,
Karlene, Karleen Old English Womanly Respectful
Carlan, Carlen, Carlii,
Carling, Carlyn, Karlan ,
Karleigh, Karlen, Karlii,
Karling (see also Carly) Irish Champion Protected
Carlina, Carleena,
Carliana, Karleena,
Karlina, Karlianna (see
also Carlana) English Little Champion Victor
Carlise, Carlyle, Carlysle Old English Brave Defender of Wisdom
Carlissa, Carlisa,
Carlisa, Carlisha,
Carlissia, Karlissa,
Karlissa, Karlise,
Karlisha, Karlissia American Endearing Consecrated to God
Carlos, Carlo, Karlo,
Karlos Spanish Noble Spirit Spiritual Discernment
Carlotta, Karlotta Italian Womanly Godly Heroine
Carlton, Carleton,
Carltonne (see also
Charlton) Middle English om the Gathering of the Farme Industrious
Carly, Carlee, Carley,
Carli, Carlie, Karlee,
Karley, Karlie, Karly (see
also Carlin) English Little Woman/Little Man Innocent
Carmela, Carmalla,
Carmelia, Carmella,
Carmellina, Carmelita Italian Garden Natured of God
Carmen, Carmain,
Carmaine, Carmene,
Carmon, Karman,
Karmen, Karmin, Karmon Latin Voice Like Soft Music Joyful
Carmichael, Charmikael Latin Follower of Michael Abundant Power
Carmiel, Carmiah,
Carmiah, Carmiela,
Carmielle, Carmiya,
Karmiah, Karmiel,
Karmiela, Karmielle Hebrew God Is My Wisdom Secure
Carney, Karney Irish Victorious Preserved
Carol, Carel, Carole,
Karloe, Karrole (see also
Carrol) French Song of Joy Joy of God
Carolee, Carolea,
Caroleigh American Little Beloved Just
Caroline, Caralin,
Caraline, Carolin,
Carolyn, Carrolin,
Carroline (see also
Carlin, Karilynn, Karolyn) French Womanly Filled With Praise
Caron, Carron, Carrone Welsh Loving Witness
Carrick, Karrick (see
also Garrick) Irish Surrounded by Sea Child of God
Carrie, Carree, Carri,
Karrie, Karry (see also
Cari, Kari) English Beloved Redeemed
Carrol, Carrell, Caroll,
Carroll (see also Carol) Gaelic Champion Steadfast
Carson, Carrson English Diligent Loyal
Carter, Cartar Old English Driver of a Cart Privileged
Cary, Caree, Carree,
Carry (see also Carey,
Kerry) Latin Beloved Divine
Caryn, Caren, Carin,
Carran, Carren, Carrin,
Carynn (see also Karen,
Karin) Danish Unblemished Blameless
Carys, Caris, Carris,
Caryss (see also Karis) Welsh Loving Respectful
Casey, Cacey, Cacy,
Case, Casie, Casy,
Caysee, Caysey, Caysie,
K.C, Kace, Kacee,
Kacey, Kaci, Kacie,
Kacy, Kaicey, Kasee,
Kasey, Kasie, Kaycee,
Kaycie, Kaysea, Kaysee,
Kaysey Irish Valorous Leader
Casimir, Cachie, Cash,
Cashmere, Cashmir,
Kashmere, Kasimir,
Kasmir, Kasmira, Kazmir,
Kazmira Old Slavic Peacemaker Flexible
Casper, Caspar Persian Treasure Watchful
Cassandra, Casandera,
Casandra, Casandria,
Cassaundra, Casaundria,
Casondra, Cassaundra,
Cassey, Cassi, Cassie,
Cassondra, Cassondra,
Cassondria, Cassondria,
Cassundra, Cassy,
Kasandra, Kasaundra,
Kasondra, Kasoundra,
Kassandra, Kassaundra,
Kassey, Kassi, Kassie,
Kassie, Kassy, Krisandra,
Krissandra Greek Helper of Mankind Hostess
Cassia, Casia, Casiya,
Cassya, Casya, Kasia,
Kassia, Kasiya, Kasya Greek Spicy Cinnamon Treasured
Cassidy, Cass, Cassady,
Kass, Kassady, Kassidy Irish Clever Wise
Cassius, Caz, Cazzie Latin Protective Cover Guarded
Casson, Kasson English Helper of Mankind Protected of God
Catalina, Catalena,
Katalena, Katalina Spanish Unblemished Refined
Catava, Catavah,
Katava, Katava African Restful Bringer of Peace
Caterina, see Katerina
Catherina, Cat,
Catharina, Catharine,
Catheren, Catherin,
Catherina, Catheryn,
Cathrine, Cathryn (see
also Katherine) Greek Pure Accountable
Cathleen, Cathleen,
Cathlene (see also
Kathleen) Irish Unblemished Spotless
Cathy, Cathee, Cathey,
Cathi, Cathie, Kathee,
Kathey, Kathi, Kathie,
Kathy English Spotless Sanctified
Cato, Caton (see also
Kato) Latin Wise Servant
Cartrina, see Katrina
Catriona, Katriona Irish Flawless Perfect
Cavan, Caven, Cavin,
Kavan (see also Kevin) Irish Handsome Blessed
Cavanaugh, Irish Caring Discerning
Cayla, Caela, Caila,
Cailah, Caylah (see also
Kaela, Kaila, Kyla) Hebrew Empowered Spirit-Filled
Cecil, Cecile, Cecill Latin Blind Illuminated
Cecilia, Cacelia,
Caecilia, Cece, Cecelia,
Cecilea, Cecillia, CeeCee Latin Blind Of the Spirit
Cedric, Cedrec, Cedric,
Cedrik English Battle Chieftain Courageous Defender
Ceeley, Ceelee,
Ceeleigh, Ceelie, Ceely,
Seelee, Seeleigh, Seelie,
Seely Old English Blessed Favored
Celena, see Selena
Celeste, Celesta,
Celestia, Celestial,
Celestine French Heavenly Blessed
Celine, Celene, Celinda,
Celine English Fair as the Moon Lovely
Cephas, Cephus Aramaic Rock Foundation
Cerella, Cerelisa Latin Springtime Gentle
Cerise, Cerese, Ceri,
Cerice, Cerissa, Cerrice,
Cerrina, Ceryce (see also
Cherise) French Cherry Ageless
Chadwick, Chad, Chadd,
Chadley, Chadrick,
Chadron, Chadwyck Middle English From the Warrior's Town Privileged
Chai, Chae (see also
Chay) Hebrew Healthy Eternal
Chaim, Khaim Hebrew Life Discerning
Chalice, Chalace,
Chalcie, Chalcie,
Chalise, Chalissa,
Challis, Challisse,
Chalsey French Goblet Cheerful
Chalina, Chaeena,
Chara, Charah Hispanic Rose Joy
Chalmers, Chalmer,
Chamer Scottish Head of the Household Prosperous Protector
Chamadya, Chamadaea,
Chamadia Hebrew Desired Blessed
Chan, Chanae, Chann,
Chayo Cambodian Sweet-Smelling Tree Image of God
Chanah, Chana, Channa Hebrew Favor of God Prayerful
Chanan, Chanen Hebrew Cloud Provision
Chandelle, Chandal,
Chandel, Shandal,
Shandelle French Candle Witness
Chandler, Chandan,
Chandlan, Chanlan,
Chandon English Candle Maker Bearer of Light
Chandra, Chanda,
Chandea, Chandee,
Chandre, Chandrelle,
Chandria, Shandra,
Shandee, Shandrelle,
Shandria Indo-Pakistani Fair as the Moon Lovely
Chanel, Chanell,
Channelle, Channel,
Shanel, Shanelle,
Shannel English Channel Abundance
Chaney, Chayne,
Chayney, Cheney,
Cheyne, Cheyney Old French Oak Wood Sealed
Channing, Chane,
Chaning, Chann English Wise Obedient
Chantal, Chantael,
Chantalle, Chantara,
Chantay, Chantee,
Chantel, Chantell,
Chantiel, Chantielle,
Chantil, Chantill,
Chantoya, Chantrel,
Chantrell, Chauntay,
Chauntell, Chauntelle,
Chauntel (see also
Shantel) French Song Healed
Chante, Chante,
Chantha, Chantra (see
also Shantae) French Singer Treasured
Chantrea, Chantria Cambodian Moonbeam Symbol
Chapman, Chapmann English Merchant Wise
Charissa, Charesa,
Charis, Charisa,
Charisse, Charista,
Shareesa, Sharisse,
Sharis, Sharisa,
Sharissa, Sharisse,
Sharista, Sheresa,
Sherisa, Sharise,
Sherissa, Sherisse,
Sherista English Kindness Virtuous
Charity, Chaitee, Chariti English Benevolent Compassionate
Charleen, Charlaine,
Charlanna, Charlena,
Charlene, Charline,
Sharlene, Sharlanna,
Sharlena, Sharlene,
Sharleen English Valiant Courageous
Charles, Charle,
Charley, Charlie English Manly Valiant
Charlotte, Charlette,
Sharlotte French Womanly Joy of the Lord
Charlton, Charleton,
Charltonn (see also
Carlton) English
From the Dwelling of the
Free Peasants Servant
Charmain, Charmain,
Charmane, Charmayne,
Charmian, Sharmain Latin Singer Joyful
Chasadya, Chasadia,
Chasadya Hebrew Mercy of God Chosen
Chase, Chaise Old French Hunter Pursuer of Truth
Chasity, Chasady,
Chasiti, Chassady,
Chassey, Chassidy,
Chassie, Chassity,
Chastady, Chastidy,
Chastin, Chastney Latin Pure Virtuous
Chasya, Chasia Hebrew Shield Protected by God
Chauncey, Chancey,
Chauncy Middle Eastern Chancellor Worthy of God
Chava, Chavah,
Chavalah, Chavarra,
Chave, Chavel, Chavvis,
Kava Yiddish Bird Joyful
Chavon, Chavonn,
Chavonna, Chavonne,
Chevon, Chevonn,
Chevonna, Shavon Hebrew God Is Gracious Cherished
Chay, Che (see also
Chai) Spanish God Will Add Dependent
Chaya, Chayka, Chayla,
Chaylah, Chaylea,
Chayley, Chayra Hebrew Alive Heavenly Treasure
Chayanna, Chaeanna,
Chayana American Alive Childlike
Chaz, Chazz English Strong Reverent
Chazaya, Chazaia,
Chazial, Chaziel,
Chazielle Hebrew God Has Seen Remembered
Chazon Hebrew Revelation Disciple
Chelsea, Chelcie,
Chelcy, Chellsie, Chelsa,
Chelsay, Chelsee,
Chelsey, Chelsia,
Chelsie, Chelsy,
Cheslee, Chesley,
Cheslie, Shelsea,
Shelsee, Shelsie,
Shelsey Old English Seaport Shield
Chelub, Cheylub Hebrew Wicker Basket Creative
Cheran, Cherran,
Cheranne (see also
Sharon) Hebrew Union Harmonious
Cherie, Cheri, Cherie
(see also Shari) French Sweetheart Valuable
Cherise, Chareese,
Charese, Charice,
Charise, Cher, Cherice,
Cherrise, Shareese,
Sharese, Sharice,
Sharise, Sher, Shereece,
Sherese, Sherice,
Sherrice (see also
Cerise, Charissa) French Treasured Beloved
Cherish, English Precious Inestimable
Cherokee, Cherika,
Sherokee Native American Tribe Worshiper
Cheryl, Chereen,
Chereena, Charrell,
Charelle, Charil, Charyl,
Cherelle, Cherrelle,
Cheryle (see also Sherl) French Filled With Grace Beloved
Chesna, Chesnee,
Chesney, Chesnie Slavic Peaceful Regal Servant
Chester, Ches, Cheston,
Chet Old English From Campsite Valiant Defender
Chevy, Chey, Chevi,
Chevie, Chevvy American Knight Victor
Cheyenne, Cheyan,
Cheyana, Cheyann,
Cheyanne, Cheyene,
Cheyenna, Chi-Anna,
Chyann, Chyanna,
Chyanne, Sheyenne,
Shiana, Shiane, Shianna,
Shianne, Shyana,
Shyanne, Shyenna Native American Tribe Creative
Chiara, Chiarah Italian Clear Sealed
Chickara, Chickarra,
Chikona Japanese Near and Dear Loving
Chiko, Chikora Japanese Pledge Promise
Chilton, Chiltonn English From the Farm by the Spring Refreshed
Chinarah, Chinara,
Chinika Swahili God Receives Offering to God
Chip, Chipper English Strong Power of God
Chislon, Cheslin,
Cheslon, Chelyn,
Chislan, Chislyn Hebrew Trust Dependent
Chloe, Chloee, Cloe,
Cloey, Kloe Greek Vibrant One Who Searches
Chloris, Cloris, Clorissa Greek Pale Fair
Choni, Chonee, Choney,
Chonia, Chonie, Choniya,
Chonya Hebrew Gracious Mercy of God
Choresh, Choresch Hebrew Power Immunity
Christa, Chris, Chrisa,
Chrisie, Chrissey,
Chrisse, Chrissy, Christi,
Christie, Christy, Chrys,
Chryssa, Chrysta,
Chrysti, Chrystie,
Chrysty, Cris, Crissa,
Crisse, Crista, Cristee,
Cristey, Cristi, Cristie,
Cryssa, Crysta, Crysti,
Crystie, (see also Kirsty,
Kirsta) German Follower of Christ God's Reflection
Christen, Christian,
Christen, Christyn,
Chrystan, Chrysten,
Chrystin, Cristan, Cristen,
Cristin (see also Kristen) English Follower of Christ Obedient
Christian, Christiaan,
Christianos, Christion,
Christon, Christos,
Christyan, Chrystian,
Cristian, Cristiano,
Criston, Khristian, Kristar,
Krister, Kristjan, Krystian Greek Follower of Christ Anointed
Chistina, Christeena,
Christena, Christiana,
Christiane, Christiann,
Christianna, Christinna,
Christy-Anna, Cristeena,
Cristina, Cristiona,
Crystina (see also
Kristina) Greek Follower of Christ Awareness of Christ
Christine, Christeen,
Christene, Chrystine,
Cristeen, Cristine,
Crystine (see also
Kristine) French Follower of Christ True Disciple
Christopher, Chris,
Chriss, Christepher,
Christobal, Christofer,
Christoff, Christoffer,
Christophe, Christopher,
Christophor, Chrys, Cris,
Cristobal, Cristofer, Cris,
Cristofer, Cristopher,
Khris, Khris, Khriss,
Khristofer, Khristoffer,
Khristopher, Kris, Kriss,
Kristofer, Kristophe,
Kristopher, Kristopher,
Kristophor, Krys Greek Bearer/Carrier of Christ Anointed
Chuck, Chuckie, Chucky American Strong Genuine
Chuma, Chumah Rhodesian Wealthy Heavenly Treasure
Cian, Cianan, Ciannan Irish Ancient Persistent
Cid, Cyd (see also
Sidney) Spanish Master Discreet
Cindy, see Cythia
Ciprianna, Cipriana,
Cypriana, Cyprianna,
Cyprianne Greek From Cyprus Bold Witness
Cissy, Cissee American Blind Discerning
Claire, Clair, Clara,
Clarette, Clarina,
Clarinda, Clarita French Brilliant Shining Light
Clancy, Clancey Irish Red-Haired Fighter Christlike
Clarence, Clare,
Clarance, Clarrance,
Clarrence Latin Victorious Pure
Clarissa, Claresa,
Claressa, Clarice,
Clarisa, Clarisse,
Clarrisa, Clarissa,
Clerissa (see also
Klarissa) Italian Brilliant Wise Discerner
Clark, Clarke Old French Scholar Enlightened Spirit
Claudius, Claude,
Claudell, Claudio Latin Lame Loved
Claus, see Klaus
Clay, Clae English Malleable Earth Adaptable
Clayborne, Claeborne Middle English From the Clay Brook Molded by God
Clayton, Clayten Old English From the Clay Estate Molded by God
Clement, Clem,
Clemens, Clement,
Clemente, Klem,
Klemens, Klement Latin Mild, Merciful Benevolent
Clementine, Clementia,
Clementina, Clemette English Merciful Charitable
Cleo, Clio English One of Eminence Understanding Spirit
Cleon, Kleon Greek Famous Bold
Cleopatra, Clipatra Greek Fame of Her Father Cherished
Clifford, Cliff, Cliford,
Clyff Old English From the River's Heights Vigilant
Clifton, Cliffton, Clift Old English From the Cliff Estate Prosperous
Clinton, Clint, Clinten Old English From the Hill Town Honorable
Clive, Cleve, Clyve English From Upon the Cliff Enduring
Cluny, Clooney Irish Meadow Restful
Clyde, Clide Welsh Loving Rewarded
Coby, Cobe, Cobey,
Cobi, Cobie, Kobe,
Kobee, Kobi, Kobie,
Koby American Successor Wise
Coco, Cocco, Coccoa
(see also Koko) Spanish Coconut Sacrifice
Cody, Codee, Codey,
Codi, Codie, Kodee,
Kodey, Kodi, Kodie, Kody English Cushion Joyful Witness
Colbert, Culbert English Brilliant Seafarer Anchored in God
Colby, Colbey, Colbi,
Colby, Collby, Kolby,
Kollby Old French From the Coal Farm Dependent
Cole, Kole English Victory of the People Granted Success
Colette, Colletta,
Collette, Kolette, Kollette
(see also Nicole) French Victorious Faithful
Coley, Colee, Colee,
Coleigh, Koley English Victorious Bold
Colin, Colan, Colen,
Colyn Irish Victorious Pressured
Collier, Collyer Welsh Merchant or Miner Guided of God
Colson, Coleson English Son of the Victor Generously Gifted
Colter, Colt English Lover of Animals Gentle
Colton, Colten, Coltin,
Kolten, Koltin, Kolton Anglo-Saxon From the Coal Town Resourceful
Conan, Connan Celtic Intelligent Spiritual Discernment
Concetta, Conchita,
Conciana, Concianna,
Concieta Italian Pure Undefiled
Coniah, Coniyah Hebrew God-Appointed Destined
Conlan, Conlen, Conley,
Conlin Irish Hero Gifted
Connery, Connary Irish Exalted Humble
Connie, Connee, Conni,
Conny, Konnie English Consistent Unwavering
Connor, Conner,
Konner, Konnor Irish Lofty Desire Stronghold of God
Conrad, Conrade,
Konrad, Konrade German Bold Counselor Discerner of Excellence
Conroy, Conroye Irish Wise Strong Leader
Constance, Constanze,
Konstance, Konstanze
(see also Connie) Latin Steadfast Consecrated
Consuela, Konsuela Spanish Consoling Friend Compassionate
Cooper, Courper English Barrel Maker Servant
Cora, Corra, Kora, Kora Greek Maiden Abiding in God
Coral, Corral, Koral Latin Coral Joyful Praise
Coralee, Coralea, Cora-
Lee, Coralie, Coraline,
Coralyn, Corilee,
Koralee, Koralee,
Koralie, Koralyn English Maiden From the Sea Beloved
Corbett, Corbet, Corbitt Irish Raven Attractive
Corbin, Corban, Corben,
Korban, Korben, Korbin Latin Raven
From Whom the Lord Will
Cordell, Cordelle,
Kordell French Rope Maker Laborer
Cordellia, Cordey,
Cordia, Cordie Welsh Jewel of the Sea Precious
Corey, Coree, Correy,
Corry, Cory (see also
Korey_ Irish From the Hollow Prosperous
Cori, Coriann, Corianne,
Cori-Anne, Corie, Corri,
Corrie, Corrienne (see
also Cora, Korah) Irish From the Hollow Empowered Spirit
Corin, Coren, Corian,
Corien, Corinn, Corrian,
Corrin, Corryn, Coryn,
Corynn English Little One Trusting
Corina, Coreena,
Corinna, Corrina (see
also Carina, Korina) English Little Damsel Innocent
Corinne, Coreen,
Corine, Corinne, Coreen,
Corrinne Greek Fair Maiden Illuminated
Corissa, Corisa, Korissa
(see also Carissa) English Most Maidenly Filled With Praise
Corliss, Corlisa, Corlise,
Corlissa, Korlisa, Korlise,
Korliss English Good-Hearted Sanctified
Cornelius Latin Sunbeam Praise
Corrigan, Korrigan Irish Spearman Proud Father
Cort, see Cortney
Cortez, Courtez Spanish Conqueror Valiant
Corwin, Corwyn Latin Heart's Delight Brilliant Countenance
Cory, see Corey
Cosette, Cosetta,
Cossetta, Cossette French Victorious Confident Spirit
Cosmo, Cozmo, Kosmo Greek Orderly Peaceful
Courland, Courtlin,
Courtlyn English From the Farmstead Truthful
Courtney, Cort, Cortnay,
Cortne, Cortnee,
Cortney, Cortni, Cortnie,
Corttney, Court,
Courenay, Courteney,
Courtnae, Courtnay,
Courtnee, Courtni,
Courtnie, Courtny,
Courtonie, Kort, Kortnay,
Kortnee, Kortney, Kortni,
Kortnie, Kortny,
Kourtney, Kourtni,
Kourtny, Kourtinee Old French From the Court Amidst God's Love
Cowan, Cowey Irish From the Hillside Generous
Coy, Coi, Koy English From the Woods Focused
Coyle, Coyel Irish Courageous Leader God's Warrior
Cozbi, Cosbey, Cosbie,
Cosby, Coz, Cozbee,
Cozbie, Cozby Canaanite Deceiver Loving
Craig, Cregg, Crieg,
Kraig Scottish From the Steep Rock Enduring Spirit
Crandell, Crandall English From the Valley Freedom
Creed, Creedon Latin Belief Power in Faith
Creighton, Cray,
Crayton English From the Rocky Place Humble Spirit
Crosby, Crosbie Scandinavian Shrine of the Cross Reminder of Christ
Cruz, Kruz Portuguese Cross Symbol
Crystal, Christal,
Christalin, Christall,
Christalyn, Christel,
Chrystal, Chrystel,
Cristal, Cristel, Cristelle,
Crystalee, Crystalee,
Crystall, Crystallin,
Crystallynn, Crystel,
Crystilin, Crystol, Crystyl
(see also Krystal) Latin Sparkling Pure
Cullen, Cullan, Cullin,
Cully Irish Pleasing to Look Upon Loving
Curran, Curan Irish Hero Example
Curtis, Curt, Curtiss,
Kurtis, Kurtiss (see also
Kurt) Old French Courteous Just and Honorable
Cush, Kush Hebrew Black Forgiven
Cybil, see Sybil
Cynthia, Cindee, Cindi,
Cindie, Cindy, Cynda,
Cynda, Cyndee, Cyndi,
Cyndie, Cyndy Greek Moon Celestial Light
Cyril, Cyrill, Cyrille Greek Lordly Great Spiritual Potential
Cyrus, Cy, Cyris Persian Sun Spiritual Enlightenment
Czarina, Czareena,
Czariana, Czarianna (see
also Zorina) Russian Empress Regal

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