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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Baara, Bara, Baarah Hebrew Burning Flame of God
Baasha, Basha Hebrew Boldness Empowered
Babbie, Bab, Babb, Babs American Stranger Foreigner
Baden, Bayden, Baydon,
Beyden, Beydon (see
also Bedan) Old English Bather Cleansed

Bailey, Bailee, Bailie,
Bali, Baylee, Bayley,
Baylie Old French Stewardship Protector

Bain, Baine (see also
Bane) Gaelic Fair Cleansed

Baird, Bairde, Bard Irish Traveling Singer of Ballad Song of Harmony
Baker, see Baxter
Balaam, Balam Hebrew Lord of the People Vessel of God
Baldwin, Baldwyn Old German Bold Friend Courageous
Balin, Baylin (see also
Valin) Indo-Pakistani Mighty Warrior Successful
Bambi, Bambee, Bambie Italian Child Innocent
Bane, Bayne (see also
Bain) Hawaiian Child of Exhortation Heir
Bani, Baani, Banni,
Bannie Hebrew Built Honorable
Banner, Bannor Scottish Flag Follower God's Soldier
Banning, Baning Irish Small and Fair Cleansed
Barbara, Barb, Barbe,
Barbie, Barbora, Barbra,
Barby Greek Stranger Purchased
Barclay, Barkley,
Barkey, Berkley Scottish m the Meadow of the Birch Tre Renewed in Spirit
Bariah, Bariya, Bariyah,
Barriah (see also
Beraiah) Hebrew Fugitive Seeker of Truth
Barker, Barcker Old English Shepherd Guide
Barnabas, Barnaby,
Barney, Barnie Hebrew Son of Exhortation Praise to God
Barrie. Bari, Barri Old English Markswoman Brave
Barry, Barrey, Bary Irish Marksman Strong
Bartholomew, Bart,
Bartket Aramaic Son of Tolmai Heir
Baruch, Boruch Hebrew Blessed Righteous
Barushka, Baruska Czech Stranger Approved
Basia, Basha, Basya,
Batia, Batya Hebrew Daughter of God Valued
Basil, Bazil Greek Kingly Magnificent
Baxter, Baker Middle English Provider Industrious
Bay, Baye Vietnamese n Saturday/Born in the Month Forgiven
Beatrice, Bea, Beatricia,
Bee Italian Bringer of Joy Love of Life
Beau, (see also Bo) French Handsome Peacekeeper
Bebe, Babe (see also
Bibi) Spanish Baby Faith
Beck, Beckett Middle Eastern From the Stream Satisfied
Becky, Becca, Becka,
Becki, Beckie, Beka,
Bekka, Bekki, Bekkie
(see also Rebecca) English Bound by Love Loving
Bedan, Baedan (see also
Baden) Hebrew Son of Judgment Encourager
Bela, Belah Hebrew Devouring Godly Example
Beldon, Belden Old English From the Beautiful Valley Sanctified
Belinda, Belynda Spanish Lovely Beauty of Soul
Belle, Bell, Bellina French Beautiful Blessed
Banaiah, Benaiya,
Beniyah Hebrew The Lord Has Built Foundation
Ben-Ammi, Ben Ami,
BenAmi, Ben-Ami, Benn-
Ami Hebrew Son of My People Ancestor
Ben-Hanan, BenHanan,
Ben-Hannan, Benn-
Hanan Hebrew Son of Kindness Loving
Benita, Benitta Spanish Blessed Cherished
Benjamin, Ben,
Benjaman, Benjamen,
Benji, Benjie, Benn,
Bennie, Benny,
Benyamin Hebrew Son of My Right Hand Mighty
Bennet, Bennett English Blessed Walks With God
Benoit French Blessed Received
Benson, Bensen English Son of Ben Honor of God
Bentley, Benlea, Bentlee Old English From the Grassy Meadow Peaceful
Beraiah, Beraiyah (see
also Bariah) Hebrew The Lord Has Created Joyful
Bergen, Bergan, Bergin Scandinavian From the Hill Made Righteous
Bernadette, Bernadine French Courageous Valiant
Bernard, Barnard,
Bernardo, Berndt,
Berney, Berhard, Berni,
Bernie, Birnee, Birney,
Burney Old German Brave as a Bear Wise
Bernice, Berenice, Berni,
Bernise Greek Bringer of Victory Victorious
Bertram, Bartram, Bert Old English Brilliant Magnificent
Bertrand, Bertran French Bright Shield Protected of God
Bessie, Bess, Bessi,
Bessy English Oath of God Loyal
Beth, Bethe, Bethel,
Bethell (see also
Bethany, Elizabeth) Hebrew Oath of God Wise
Beth Ann, Bethann, Beth-
Ann, Beth Anne, Beth-
Anne English Gracious Oath of God Promise
Bethany, Bethanney,
Bethani, Bethanie,
Bethanney, Betheny Aramaic House of Figs Productive
Bethuel, Bethuelle Hebrew Dwells in God Secure
Betsy, Betsey, Betsi,
Betsie English Oath of God Confirmed
Betty, Bett, Bette, Bette,
Betti, Bettie English Oath of God Reverent
Bevan, Bevann, Beven,
Bevin, Bevin Welsh Son of the Young Warrior Youthful
Beverly, Bev, Beverlee,
Beverley English Peace and Harmony Enlightened
Bevis, Bevys Old French Bull Powerful
Bianca, Biancha, Bionca,
Bioncha Italian Fair Wisdom
Bibi, Beebee (see also
Bebe) Middle Eastern Honored Praised
Bill, (see William)
Bing German
From the Kettle-Shaped
Hollow Blessed
Birdie, (See Roberta)
Birney, Birnie, Birny Middle English
From the Island with the
Stream One of Integrity
Bjorn, Bjarn, Bjarne,
Bjorne Scandinavian Bear Voice of God
Blade, Blayde Middle English Knife Weapon
Blaine, Blain, Blane,
Blayne Gaelic Lean Trusting
Blair, Blaire Irish Field Worker Diligent
Blaise, Blaize, Blayze,
Blaze French Flame/One Who Stammers Flame of God
Blake, Blakelee,
Blakeleigh, Blakeley,
Blakey English Attractive Forgiven
Blanche, Blanch French Pure Gentle
Blossom, Blossum Old English Flower Joyful
Blythe, Blithe, Blyth English Joyful Cheerful
Bo, Boe (see also Beau) Chinese Precious Honored
Boaz, Boas, Boz Hebrew Swift Bearer of the Covenant
Bob, (see Robert)
Bobbie, Bobbi American Foreigner Stranger
Bodan, Bodana,
Bogdana, Bohdana Polish Heavenly Presence Keenly Aware
Boden, Bodee, Bodie,
Bodin French Messenger/Herald Ready for Service
Bodhan, Bodhun Russian Mighty Devoted
Bonnie, Bonita, Bonne,
Bonni, Bonnita, Bonny French Beautiful Pure in Heart
Boone, Boon, Boonie French Good Obedient
Borden, Bordan, French From the Cottage Righteous
Boris, Boriss, Borris Slavic Warrior Trusting
Botan Japanese Blossom Youthful
Bowen, Bowie Gaelic Small Victorious
Boyce, Boice, Boise,
Boycee, Boycie French From the Forest Joyful
Boyde, Boid Scottish Golden-Haired Quiet Spirit
Braden, Bradan, Bradin,
Bradin, Braeden,
Brayden (see also
Bradon) English From the Broad Clearing Redeemed
Bradford, Brad,
Braddford English From the Water Crossing Delivered of God
Bradley, Brad, Bradd,
Bradlee, Bradlay,
Bradlee Old English From the Broad Meadow Joyful
Bradon, Braedon,
Braydon (see also
Braden) English From the Hill Called of God
Brady, Bradey (see also
Brede_ Irish Spirited Gentle
Brandon, Brandan,
Branddon, Branden,
Brandin, Brandyn,
Brannan, Brannon Old English From the Flaming Hill Fervent
Brandy, Brandee,
Brandi, Brandie Middle Dutch Distilled Wine Filled With Joy
Brant, Brandt, Brannt,
Brantley Czech Proud Focused
Braxton, Braxtun Old English From Brock's Town Faithful
Breanne, Breann, Bre-
Ann, Bre-Anne, Breeann,
Breeanne, Breighann,
Briann, Brianne, Brieann,
Briene, Brienne, Bryanne
(see also Brenna,
Brianna) Celtic Strong Dependent
Breck, Brec, Brek, Brekk Irish Freckled Approved
Brede, Braede (see also
Brady) Scandinavian Glacier Immovable
Brenda, Brendie Old Norse Sword Glory of God
Brendan, Brenden,
Brendin, Brendon,
Brenndan Irish Stinking Hair Devout
Brenna, Brena, Brenin,
Brennah, Brennaugh,
Brynna Irish Little Raven Faithful Friend
Brennan, Brennen,
Brennon Irish Little Raven Gift of God
Brenton, Brendt, Brent,
Brentan, Brenten,
Brentin, Brentton,
Brentyn English From the Steep Hill Wise
Brett, Bret, Brette Scottish Gifted Blessed
Brian, Briant, Brien,
Brient, Brion, Bryan,
Bryant, Bryen, Bryent,
Bryon Celtic Virtue and Honor Follower of God
Brianna, Breana,
Breanna, Breeana,
Breeanna, Bria, Brianda,
Briana, Briannah,
Briannon, Bryana,
Bryanna, Bryannah (see
also Breanne, Brenna) Celtic Honorable Virtuous
Briar, Brear, Brier, Briet,
Brietta, Bryar, Bryer French Heather Child of God
Bridget, Bridgete,
Bridgett, Bridgette,
Bridgot, Bridget, Brigette,
Brgitte, Brigitta Irish Strength Enduring Spirit
Brigham, Briggs English From the Covered Bridge Challenger of Apostasy
Brina, Breena, Breina,
Brin, Brinan, Brindy,
Brinn, Brinnan, Bryn,
Brynan, Brynn, Brynne Irish From the Fairy Palace Gods Salvation
Brinley, Brindlee,
Brindley, Brinlee, Brinly,
Brynley Old English Burnt Wood Sacrifice
Briona, Breeon, Breona,
Briele, Brielle, Brieon,
Brieona, Brione, Brionne,
Briony, Bryoni Irish Mighty God's Power
Brit, Brita, Britt, Britte Swedish Strong Prayerful
Brittany, Britain, Britane,
Britaney, Britani,
Britanny, Britlee, Britley,
Britlyn, Britynn, Britnee,
Britney, Britni, Britnie,
Britny, Brityn, Brittain,
Brittanee, Brittaney,
Bryttney, Bryttni, Bryttny English From Britain Stranger
Brock, Broc, Brocke,
Brok, Broque Old English Badger Full of Praise
Broderick, Broderic,
Brodric, Broadrick (see
also Roderick) Norse Brother True Friend
Brodie, Brodee, Brodey,
Brodi Irish Canal Builder God Is My Foundation
Brona, See Brian Czech Bringer of Victory Revered
Bronson, Bronnson,
Bronsen, Bronsin,
Bronsson English Son of the Dark-Skinned Great Ruler
Brook, Brooke, Brooks,
Broox Old English Peaceful Refreshed
Brooklyn, Brooklin,
Brooklin, Brooklynn American Stream of the Waterfall Praise
Browning, Brownyn,
Bronwyn Middle English Dark Enlightened
Bruce, Bruse Scottish From the Woods Dignity
Bruno Old German Brown Rich in God's Grace
Bryan, see Brian
Bryce, Brice Welsh Responsive Ambitious
Bryna, Brynn, see Brina
Buckley, Bucklea,
Bucklee Middle Eastern From the Meadow Worshiper
Buddy, Bud, Budd,
Buddie Old English Companion Godly
Burgess, Burges,
Burgiss English From the Town Steadfast
Burke, Berke, Birk, Burk Old French From the Fortress Courageous
Burton, Berton, Burt Middle English From the Fortified Town Amply Supplied
Byram, Byramm Middle English From the Fields Freedom
Byron, Bieran, Biran,
Biren, Biron, Byran,

Byrann, Byren Old English From the Barn Forgiven
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