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Baby Names: Unique Baby boy names and baby girl names

baby names

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baby names

Baby Names: Baby Girl Names and Baby Boy Names

Are you looking for beautiful names to put your baby? We have a list with baby girl names or baby boy names, ! If your baby is on the way and you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl, you have to choose a name. 

With our complete list of baby names men's and women's names, we are sure you will find the right one for your baby. In addition, you will be able to know its origin, its meaning, the day of its onomastic and historical or famous personages that are called thus. 

Do not wait any longer, make your selection in our filter from A to Z and discover all the baby names that we have in our list.

Baby Names Letter A

Baby Names

Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Aaron, Aaran, Aaren,
Aarin, Aaronn, Aarron,
Aron, Arran, Arron Hebrew Light Bringer Radiating God's Light
Abbot, Abbott Aramaic Spiritual Leader Walks In Truth
Abdiel, Abdeel, Abdeil Hebrew Servant of God Worshiper
Abdul, Abdoul Middle Eastern Servant Humble
Abel, Abell Hebrew Breath Life of God
Abi, Abbey, Abbi, Abby Anglo-Saxon God's Will Secure in God
Abia, Abiah Hebrew God Is My Father Child of God
Abiel, Abielle Hebrew Child of God Heir of the Kingdom
Abigail, Abbigayle,
Abbigail, Abbygayle,
Abigael, Abigale Hebrew My Farther Rejoices Cherished of God
Abijah, Abija, Abiya,
Abiyah Hebrew Will of God Eternal
Abner, Ab, Avner Hebrew Enlightener Believer of Truth
Abraham, Abe, Abrahim,
Abram Hebrew Father of Nations Founder
Abriel, Abrielle French Innocent Tenderhearted
Ace, Acey, Acie Latin Unity One With the Father
Acton, Akton Old English Oak-Tree Settlement Agreeable
Ada, Adah, Adalee, Aida Hebrew Ornament One Who Adorns
Adael, Adayel Hebrew God Is Witness Vindicated
Adalia, Adala, Adalin,
Adelyn Hebrew Honor Courageous
Adam, Addam, Adem Hebrew Formed of Earth In God's Image
Adara, Adair, Adaira Hebrew Exalted Worthy of Praise
Adaya, Adaiah Hebrew God's Jewel Valuable
Addi, Addy Hebrew My Witness Chosen
Addison, Adison,
Adisson Old English Son of Adam In God's Image
Adleaide, Addey, Addie Old German Joyful Spirit of Joy
Adeline, Adalina, Adella,
Adelle, Adelynn Old German Noble Under God's Guidance
Adia, Adiah African Gift Gift of Glory
Adiel, Addiel, Addielle Hebrew Ornament of God Lovely
Adina, Adena, Adeena Hebrew Adorned Clothed With Praise
Adlai, Adley Hebrew Justice of God Truthful
Adlar, Addler, Adler Old German Eagle Youthful
Adonijah, Adonia,
Adoniah, Adonija,
Adoniya, Adoniyah Hebrew Gods Is My Lord Reverent
Adora, Adoree Latin Beloved Gift of God
Adria, Adriah Latin Love of Life Filled With Life
Adrian, Adreian,
Adreyan, Adriaan,
Adrien, Adrion, Adryan,
Adryon Greek Rich Prosperous
Adrianna, Adriana Italian Dark Guarded of God
Adriel, Adrial Hebrew Member of Gods Flock Nurtured of God
Adrienne, Adriane,
Adriann, Adianne,
Adrien, Adriene Greek Confident Faith in God
Aeneas, Eneas Greek Praised Honored
Afonya, Afonja Russian Immortal Eternal
Afton, Affton, Aftan,
Aftyn Old English From Afton, England Righteous

baby names

Unique Baby Names From A to Z

Agatha, Agata, Aggie Greek Benevolent Kind
Agrippa Latin Pain of Childbirth Promise
Agnes, Agness,
Agnessa, Agniya Greek Pure Innocent
Ahab, Ahabb Hebrew My Father's Brother Learned
Aharah, Aharra, Aharhel,
Aharia, Aharya Hebrew Brother of Rachel Loyal
Ahmad, Ahamad,
Ahmaad, Amaud Middle Eastern Most Highly Praised Servant
Ahmed, Ahamed, Amed Swahili Praiseworthy Sincere
Ahsan, Ahsahn, Ahsan Middle Eastern Charitable Generous
Aiah, Aija, Aijah, Aiya,
Aiyah, Aja, Ajah Hebrew Bird of Prey Strength of God
Aileen, Ailean, Ailene,
Ailina English Light Bearer Messenger of Truth
Ainsley, Ainslee, Anslea,
Anslee, Ansleigh, Ansley,
Aynslee, Aynsley Scottish My Own Meadow Bringer of the Word of Truth
Aiesha, Aesha, Aisha,
Aishah, Ayishah, Ayshea Middle Eastern Woman Companion
Ajani, Ayani Yoruba Victorious in the Struggle Overcomer
Ajay, Aja, Ajai Indo-Pakistani Immovable Stable
Akil, Ahkeel, Akeel,
Akhil, Akiel Middle Eastern Intelligent Wise
Akim, Ackeem, Akeam,
Akeem Russian God Will Establish Obedient
Aksel, Acksel Norwegian Father of Peace Pleasant
Aladdin, Alaaddin Middle Eastern Pinnacle of Faith Righteous
Alan, Al, Alen, Allan,
Allen, Allin, Allon, Allyn Irish Harmonious At One With Creation
Alanna, Alaina, Alainna,
Alainnah, Alana, Alanis,
Alannah, Alayna, Allana,
Allanh, Allanis, Allayna Gaelic Cheerful Effective Witness
Alastair, Alistar, Alister,
Allastair, Allaster, Allastir,
Allyster Scottish Defender Courage
Alben, Albain, Alban,
Albany, Albein Latin Of the City on a White Hill Secure in God's Love

baby names

Baby Names: From A to Z

Albert, Al, Alberto, Elbert Old English Noble Brilliant
Alda Old German Prosperous Under God's Direction
Alden, Aldin, Aldin,
Aldis, Aldous, Aldwin Anglo-Saxon Wise Protector Guided of God
Aldrich, Aldric, Aldrick,
Aldridge Old English Wise Counselor Strong of Mind
Alea, Aleah, Aleea,
Aleeah, Alia, Allia Middle Eastern Exalted Servant
Alejandro, Alejandra,
Alesandra, Alesandro,
Alessandra, Alessandro Spanish/ Italian Defender of Mankind Sincere
Aletha, Alathea Aleta,
Aletha, Alethea, Alithea Greek Truthful Wise
Alexander, Alax, Alec,
Aleck, Aleksandar,
Alecksander, Alexandar,
Alexandros, Alexius,
Alexxander, Allax, Allex Greek Defender of Mankind Brave Protector
Alexa, Aleksa, Aleksia,
Alex, Alexia, Allex, Allix,
Alyx, Allyx Hungarian Defender of Mankind Benefactor
Alexandra, Aleksandra,
Alexandria, Lexandra Greek Defender of Mankind Generous
Alexis, Aleksei, Aleksey,
Aleksi, Alexes, Alexis,
Alexus, Alexys English Defender of Mankind Intercessor
Alfonso, Alfonzo,
Alphanso, Alphonzo Italian Noble Mighty Protector
Alfred, Alf, Alfredo Old English Benevolent Ruler Obedient
Ali, Allie Swahili Exalted Greatest
Aliah, Aliah, Alia, Aliya,
Aliyah Hebrew Exalted Humble
Alianna, Aliana Scottish Bearer of Light Ambassador of Truth
Alice, Alis, Allis, Alysse Greek One of Integrity Truthful
Alicia, Alica, Alicea,
Alicya, Aliecia, Alycia,
Elicia, Ellicia Hispanic Truthful Child of Truth
Alika, Alikah Nigerian Most Beautiful Beauty of God
Alim, Aleem Middle Eastern Scholar Wise
Aline, Alene Old German Noble Righteous
Alisa, Alissa, Allissa,
Allysa, Alysa, Allyssa, English Noble Bold
Alisha, Aleasha,
Aleesha, Aleisha, Alesha,
Aliesha, English Highborn Victorious
Allie, Alley, Alli Anglo-Saxon Brilliant Illuminated
Allison, Alicen, Alicyn,
Alison, Alisson, Alisyn,
Allyson Old German Truthful Holy
Allard, Alard Old English Brave Dedicated
Allegra, Alegrea,
Allegrea, Allegria Latin Cheerful Eager to Live
Allan, Alan Irish Harmonious At One With Creation
Alma, Almah Latin Loving Patient
Almira, Allmira, Almeera,
Almeira Middle Eastern Princess Fulfillment of Truth
Alonzo, Alanzo,
Almanzo, Alonso Old German Ready for Battle Prepared
Aloysius Old German Noble Great
Alpha Phoenician Ox Restful
Alphaeus Greek Traveler Nourished
Alphonso, Alfonso,
Alfonso, Alfonzo,
Alphanso, Alphonzo Italian Noble Mighty Protector
Althea, Altheya, Alithia Greek Healer Wholesome
Alton, (see Elton)
Alva, (see also Elva) Latin Brightness Alive
Alvin, Al, Alvan, Alven,
Alvyn (see also Elvin) German Friend of All Sincere
Alvis, (see also Elvis) Scandinavian All-Knowing Conqueror
Alyssa, (see Alisa)

Baby Names From A to Z:

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