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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Yadin, Yadeen, Yadín Hebrew God Will Judge Righteous
Yael, Yaella, Yaelle (see
also Jael) Hebrew Strength Arm of God
Yago, see Iago
Yale, Yail, Yayle Old English From the Hill Prosperous
Yamila, see Jamila
Yaminah, Yamina Middle Eastern Proper Respectful
Yana, Yanah, Yanna,
Yannam, Yannah,
Yannica, Yannick,
Yannika, (see also Jana) Polish Gift of God Purchased
Yardan, Yarden Middle Eastern King Victorious
Yarina, Yariana,
Yarianna, Yaryna Russian Peace Secure
Yaron, Yairon, Yaróne
(see also Jaron) Hebrew He Will Sing; He Will Cry Out High Praise
Yasmine, Yasmen,
Yasmon, Yazmen,
Yazmin, Yazmine (see
also Jasmine) Persian Jasmine Flower Blossom
Yeira, Yeirah Hebrew Light Witness
Yelina, Yelana, Yelanna
(see also Jelena) Russian Shining Glory of God
Yemena, Yemina Hebrew Capable Exalted
Yeriel, Yeriell, Yerielle
(see also Jeriel) Hebrew Taught by God Wise
Yohann, see Johann
Yohanna, see Johanna
Yoko, Yoki Japanese Good Girl Justified
Yolanda, Yalonda,
Yolana, Yolanna,
Yolonda, Yulonda Greek Violet Flower Sign of Life
Yonina, Yonita Hebrew Dove Graceful
Yordana, Jordana,
Jordanna, Yordanna Hebrew Descender Praise
Yori, Yoriko Japanese Trustworthy Honest
Yorianna, see Jorianna
York, Yorick, Yorke,
Yorrick Celtic From the Yew-Tree Estate Vigilant
Yoshi, Yóshi, Yoshie Japanese Respectful Obedient
Yuki, Yukie Japanese Snow Cleansed
Yul, Yule, Yuul Mongolian Beyond the Horizon Worshiper
Yuma, Yumia Native American Son of the Chief Beloved
Yuri, Juri Jurii, Jurri,
Yurri, Yuri, Yury (see
also Uri) Russian Farmer Gifted
Yuriko, Yuríko Japanese Lily Child Blessed
Yvanna, see Ivana
Yves, Ives French Little Archer Trusting Spirit
Yvonne, Ivette, Ivonne,
Yavonne, Yevette,

Yvette French Young Archer Shielded
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