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Baby girl and boy Names and their meanings
Name - Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation

Fabia, Fabiana,
Fabianna, Fabianne,
Fabria, Fabriana,
Fabrianne English Bean Grower Laborer
Fabian, Fabayan,
Fabiano, Fabien, Fabio,
Faybian Latin Bean Grower Nourishing Spirit
Fadey, Faidee Latin Father Gentle
Faith, Fayth, Faythe English Firm Believer Faith
Falina, Falena, Faylina,
Felina Latin Catlike Upright
Falkner, Faulkner Old English Trainer of Falcons One Who Disciples
Fallon, Falan, Falen,
Falin, Fallan, Fallyn,
Falyn Irish Grandchild of the Ruler Heir
Fanny, Fanney, Fanni,
Fannie English French Dedicated
Fanya, Fania, Fannia Russian Free Vindicated
Farley, Fairleigh, Farlay,
Farrley English From the Sheep Meadow Serene
Farrah, Fara, Farah,
Farra English Beautiful Favored
Farrel, Farral, Ferel,
Ferell, Ferryl Irish Valiant Servant
Farren, Faran, Farin,
Farrahn, Farran, Farrin,
Farron, Farryn, Faryn
(see also Ferran) English Wanderer Foreigner
Faustina, Faustana Latin Fortunate Blessed
Fawn, Faun, Fauna,
Fawna, Fawne Old French Young Deer Innocent
Faxon, Faxan Old German Long-Haired Devotion
Faye, Fae, Fay,
Fayanna, Fayla Latin Raven Remembered
Felicia, Falesha, Falisha,
Felecia, Felicya,
Felesha, Feleesha,
Felisha Latin Fortunate Joyful
Felicity, Felicianna,
Felicite, Felisianna,
Felissa, Feliza, Felysse English Joyful Content
Felipe, see Phillip
Felix, see Phillip Latin Fortunate Blessed
Felton, Felten English From the Field Town Hopeful
Fenton, Fenny English From the Marshland Spirit of Life
Ferdinand, Ferdnand Gothic Adventurous Seeker of Truth
Fergus, Ferguson Irish Very Choice One Esteemed
Fern, Ferne, Fernleigh Old English Sincere Loving
Fernando, Fernandez Spanish Fearless Redeemed
Ferran, Feran, Ferren,
Feron, Ferrin, Ferron,
Ferryn (see also Farran) Middle Eastern Baker Laborer for Souls
Ferrand, Farrand French Iron-Haired Believer
Ferris, Faris, Farris,
Feris Middle Eastern Horseman Fearsome
Fidel, Fidele, Fidelis Latin Faithful Secure
Fidelity, Fidelia Latin Faithful Received
Fievel, Feivel, Fivel Yiddish Bright Attentive
Findlay, Finlay, Finley Irish Valorous Soldier Victorious Life
Finian, Phinean Irish Fair Hero Servant
Fiona, Fionna Irish Fair Persevering
Fisk, Fiske Middle Eastern Fisherman Witness
Fitzgerald, Fitz Old English Son of the Mighty One Hopeful
Flair, Flaire, Flare English Vivacious Glorified
Flana, Flanna Latin Blonde Satisfied
Flannery, Flann Irish Redhead Accountable
Flavia, Flavian, Flaviar,
Flavio Latin Blond Redeemed
Fleming, Flemming English From Denmark Obedient
Fletcher, Flecher, Fletch Anglo-Saxon Arrow Featherer Ingenious
Fleur, Flure French Flower Efficient
Flint, Flynt Old English Stream Praise
Flip, Flipp American Lover of Horses Joyful
Flora, Floria, Floriana,
Florianna Latin Flower Nurtured
Florence, Flo, Florance,
Florann, Floren, Florida,
Florrie, Flossie Latin Flourishing Prosperous
Florian, Florien, Florrian English Blooming Nourished
Floyd, Floydd Welsh White-or-Gray-Haired Wise
Flynn, Flinn, Flyn Gaelic Son of Redhead Blessed
Fontanna, Fontaine,
Fontana French Fountain Sustained
Fonzie, Fonsie, Fonz German Zealous Righteous
Forbes, Forbe Gaelic Prosperous Blessed
Forrest, Forest, Forster,
Foster Latin Guardian of the Forest Preserved
Frances, Fran,
Francesca, Francess,
Franchelle, Franchesca,
Franchette, Francine,
Frann, Frannie Latin Free Triumphant
Francis, Fran,
Francesco, Franchot,
Francisco, Franco,
Francois, Franz Latin Free Victorious
Frank, Franc, Frankie,
Franky English Free Man Shining
Franklin, Francklin,
Franklinn, Franklyn,
Franklynn Old English Free Holder of Land Joyful
Fraser, Fraizer, Frasier,
Frazer, Frazier French Strawberry Filled With Life
Frayne, Fraine, Freyne Old English Stranger Accepting
Frederica, Freddi,
Fredericka, Frederina,
Frederique, Fredrika Old German Peaceful Ruler Compassionate
Frederick, German Peaceful Ruler Perceptive
Freedom Old German Freedom Released
Freeman, Freedman,
Freemon English Free Witness
Freida, Freda, Freeda,
Freia, Frieda German Serene Victorious
Freja, Fraya, Freya Swedish Virtuous Woman Valuable
Freemont, Freemondt German Protector of Freedom Righteous
Fritzi, Fritzie, Fritzy German Restful Righteous
Fuller, Fullar English Cloth Worker Diligent
Fulton, Fultan English From Near the Town Spirit-Filled Life

Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning Spiritual Connotation
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